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Nagone Mako (和音マコ (なごねまこ)), sometimes written as Nagone Maco, is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Mako is shown to be a kunoichi for hire, and while competent with her job, is lazy and often slacks off with her work and spends her free time singing. She's been into gaming videos lately.

Etymology details[]

  • Name: Nagone (和音) - Chord Sound, Harmonious Sound; also can be read as Japanese Styled Sound, appropriate since Mako is often illustrated as a kunoichi. Mako (マコ) - No meaning.

Character details[]

  • Character item: Plum
  • Likes: Umeboshi pickles, Tanzura
  • Occupation: Kunoichi


Mako does not have a definite appearance, although Makonaka usually depicts her with long black hair that is usually held in a pony tail. She does not have an "official" outfit either. Fans have been known to change her outfit in almost every video- although the underlining "ninja" feel is a consistency with all of her appearances. One example consists of ninja style garb with a short netted shirt and white scarf, over which she wears a black robe with a giant red obi. Her arms are bandaged, mimicking VOCALOID arm gear.

Makoto's character is largely based off of Mako's down to the profile and appearance. The only difference between the two is their gender.


  • Nagone Makoto (和音マコト) - official male derivative by pitch manipulation.

Voicebank details[]

Voice Reclist ; Range Description ; Download
(F4+B3)連続音+単独音(1フォルダー版) VCV; B3~F4 "A version that puts continuous sound of F4 and B3 and single sound of F4 into one folder..; DL"
(F4+B3)連続音+単独音(フォルダー分け版) VCV; B3~F4 "A version in which folders are divided for each pitch of continuous sounds and for single sounds..; DL"
F4連続音 VCV; B3~E4 "A version with less than half the file size, composed only of F4 continuous sounds. It is for people who want to reduce file size.; DL"
M-6版 CV; B3~D5 "6 pitches: B3, D4, E4 (same files as the Lite version), F4, A4, D5 (fake voice) files in one folder.; DL"
N5+版 CV; B3~D5 "6 pitches: B3, D4, E4 (same files as the Lite version), F4, A4, D5 (fake voice) files are divided into folders for each pitch.; DL"
E4Lite版 CV; E4 "A version for beginners (or those who want to reduce file size) that contains only E4 pitch in the best recording condition.; DL"
飴屋/菖蒲様調整 20100222版 CV; ? "A version of Nagone Mako's single sound source with reduced noise that is reconfigured by Ameya.; DL"

Her voice ranges from low to high and is sometimes compared to Miku Hatsune. And she was known to be the preferred UTAU for beginners, even though her voicebank contains Japanese phonemes only. 3 additional sets of downloads for her voicebank are available, which focuses on quality and accuracy in voice renditions, for beginners and professional users alike.

Terms of Use[]

Mako Nagone has a governing policy imposed by the author in regards to usage of both the voicebank and the character.
DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial translation for user help. Any questions arising shall be settled by the original Japanese text given here. UTAU wiki shall not be responsible for the accuracy and reliability of this translation, and shall not hold any responsibility to consequences using this material.

  1. General Rule
    This voicebank is distributed without charge. Feel free to utilize this voicebank as a material for your songs and movies. If any comments and questions, please contact us.
    Kenchan (distributor): http://kenchan22.blog53.fc2.com/ (blog) or sibasaki@jade.plala.or.jp (e-mail)
    Makonaka (voice provider): http://macoinfo.blog61.fc2.com/ (blog) or love1000nya@yahoo.co.jp (e-mail)
  2. Usage
    This voicebank is a set of wav. files optimized for Vocal Synthesis Tool UTAU, but this voicebank can be used for synthesis software other than UTAU.
    Follow the usage rule of each synthesis software.
  3. Reminders
    The voice provider holds the copyright on this voicebank and this character.
    When using this voicebank, follow each of the terms below.
    1. Broadcasting, distributing and/or selling the work using this voicebank
      1. Prior notification or acknowledgment is not necessarily required for non-commercial works.
      2. It is voluntary to give the credit "Mako Nagone" (和音マコ) when broadcasting and/or distributing the work using the voicebank Mako Nagone only in the case when the character Mako Nagone is not used in the work.
        Make sure to write onto your work that the voicebank Mako Nagone is used when broadcasting and/or distributing the work in which this voicebank is used regardless of in totality or partially as vocal or voice for the character(s) that is created other than the character Mako Nagone. The only exceptional credit title allowed is the male variant Makoto Nagone by gender factor +20 ~ +30.
        Diversion of the voicebank Mako Nagone regardless of in totality or partially for the character(s) created as UTAU character(s) and the work broadcasting and/or distributing using such character(s), and/or the voicebank distributing of such character(s) are forbidden.
      3. Prior acknowledgment is required when using or selling the work using this voicebank and/or character commercially, or distributing the work with charge using this voicebank and/or character.
      4. Do not use this voicebank in the way to harm other person(s) and/or to go against law such as copyright violation against existing works or the use for the lyrics that defames third person.
      5. Do not use this voicebank and/or character for the work that goes against public order and morals with excessively violent or obscene expression.
      6. Private broadcasting and/or distributing of the illustration Mako Nagone is not forbidden within non-commercial purposes.

For the commercial use of this illustration, see Article 1 Paragraph (3). Do not post the illustrations of Mako Nagone onto Piapro.



  • For a while, her name was read by western fans as Waon Mako, Waon being a misreading of her family name Nagone. The author clarified it was read as Nagone after the misunderstanding continued.
  • Luna Amane is treated as her common singing partner and fellow member of Tenhou ( (てん) (ほう) ) unit and the Double Yakuman trio. Tenhou is taken from the "Ama" part of Luna's last name (天) and the "Nago" part of Mako's last name (和).[1]
  • Teto Kasane is a fellow member of the Kasa-Ama-Nago ( (かさ) (あま) (なご) ) unit also known as Double Yakuman (だぶるやくまん).
    • Double Yakuman and Tenhou are references to mahjong terms.[2][3]


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