(Japanese: Mack音キオシ - まっくねきおし - Makkune Kioshi)

Mack音 (Makku; Mac) References the Macintosh computer systems by Apple, Inc.; (Ne; sound)
キオシ (Kioshi; quiet) This is generally used as a boy's name.

TYPE: Eppalloid
A3~E5 (甘い)

Kyou Mackne (Brother)
Mimi Mackne (Adopted sister)
Neneki Mackne (Sister)
Sai Mackne (Nephew)
Sae Mackne (Niece)
Mama Mackne (Mother)
Naga Mackne (Estranged father)

AGE 19 GENRE Ballads, pop, influential music HOMEPAGE Kioshi's Page
WEIGHT Undisclosed CHARACTER ITEM iPod Nano 4th Gen CREATOR Inochi-PM, Leah, KazukoP
HEIGHT 5'10" VOICE SOURCE Becka PICTURE LINK LIST Concept art, pixiv, deviantART
BIRTHDAY August 16, 2009 LIKES Candy; "moe things"; colors MEDIA LIST niconico, YouTube, SoundCloud
RELEASE DATE January 28, 2012 DISLIKES Cobwebs; fish SIGNATURE SONG 「かわいい」ないよ。
PERSONALITY: Kioshi is very sincere, though she usually keeps her thoughts to herself.

Character Design

Kioshi Mackne concept art.jpg
Kioshi has long, blonde hair that is held in a ponytail. Loose hair covers right side of her face, and she wears hair clips on the left side.
Eyes: Violet.
Dress: Her dress is pink with a metallic silver corset. A magenta-and-grey striped bow sits in front of her collar. Wi-Fi connection and battery life are displayed on her chest, and the iPod controls are on the front of the corset. The skirt is rippled on the bottom.
Arms: She wears long sleeves that go to her knuckles, and there is a headphones plugin on the right sleeve.
Legs: Her legs don light purple and pink socks and shoes modeled after a Mac computer's mouse.
Nationality: Japanese.

Supplemental Information

None yet.

Voice Configuration

Kioshi's voicebank


【Kioshi Mackne】青【UTAUカバー】

is configured in romaji and hiragana. She is currently in Act 4, and she has an additional sweet (甘い) voicebank.

Download link to be posted.

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