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Ma3z the Goat Boy

(Arabic: ماعز English: Ma3z)

ماعز (Ma3z) : Goat 

TYPE: Goatloid  
MODEL: 9  
HERITAGE: Faun from Arcadia  


(his voice can be used within a threshold of 5 notes with the given range, but it sounds very strained)


Kuroi Megane


Aoine Makoto






AGE 14 GENRE Not specified HOMEPAGE

Youtube Page thing

WEIGHT 90lbs (41kg) CHARACTER ITEM Pan Flute CREATOR StuffIsCool3blah
BIRTHDAY July 17, 700 BC LIKES Playing the flute, grazing, nymphs MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE July 9, 2011 DISLIKES Birds, moe neko/inu girls/boys, tomatoes, mayonnaise and wearing clothes DEBUT SONG Fortune Diver

PERSONALITY: Faun like, in the sense that he loves music and women. Nymphs are hard to come by so he makes do with the only females around...Ma3z still retains goat like habits and often looses focus in conversations to chase butterflies or eat grass.

Supplemental Information

Species: Faun
Hair color: Auburn
Headgear: He has horns on his head
Eye color: Gold
Earphones: None, Ma3z is old school
Color scheme: Brown, Gold, Red

Ma3z was created as a joke in contrast to the growing faction of moe/shoda/neko/inu/girl/boy UTAU's on the interwebs. Goat Boy is not the first goat related UTAU but is the first Faun UTAU, and the first actual male voice (even though his voice source is female) from the Arab worldto be released.

Voice Configuration

His voice is a lite japanese bank due to the time constraints in his bank's creation. Further development and a clearer bank will be uploaded in the future as an ACT II. I recommend using UTAU ver 02.430 because the new software make background noise in his voice obvious and crispy. Substitute the regular resampler for either the fresamp or TIPS. I highly suggest using the fresamp.

His voicebank is set in romaji with hiragana aliases because StuffisCool3blah is too lazy to set them in hira and the computer does not recognize some file names because it is stupid :). Also, in ACT II which will never be released; there are 2 different octave recordings in CV format and in ACT 3...hohoho

ACT 3 contains VCV recordings in 1 octave around E3. There are 3 different "Emotion" banks in the ACT;

  • meh,
  • ARGH, and
  • sad...face...

But I'm too lazy to upload any songs because I have a life, lolololol, but it's not like you PEOPLE CARE! EVEN IF I DID UPLOAD THEM I'M NOT COOL ENOUGH TO HAVE OVER 100 VIEWS!!! EVEN THOUGH I'VE BEEN AROUND THE COMMUNITY SINCE MID '09!!!!! But it's ok....because...all you childrens with generic UTAU are childrens with generic UTAU....generic....GENERIC...GEEEEEEEENNNNNEEEEEERRRRRRRIIIICCCCCC

btw, Ma3z's voice sucks....so liek...i don't even know why you bothered to come to this page...lol?

ACT I: *Download Removed due to ugliness, but....it's not like you ppl care. NO ONE DOES RALKDJGLK AkhmfgjkhRAAAAAGEFACE*

Fun Stuff

His name was originally Anatole. Anatole lived and grew up in Arcadia and was a companion of Pan until the Greek's demise. When finally discovered, Kuroi adopted Anatole as a pet and renamed him Ma3z for his goat like attributes