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(Japanese: ライラ・ウィンター)

(May also be referred to as "Lyra Schäfer")

Lyra - An English name; also the name of a constellation in the northern sky containing the star Vegas.

Winter - From the Old English "winter" and Old High German "wintar" - the name of farmers who had to deliver their taxes in the winter; and of farmers who had their fields in the north of the village.

Shäfer - A German surname derived from the Middle High German “schæfære”, meaning “shepherd”.

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE [TBA] RELATED CHARACTERS Amelia Chandler (Adopted younger sibling)

Chatter (Friend)

Saki Oshiro (Friend)

Aiden Mercier (Acquaintance)

Elky (Acquaintance)

Onsei Mashin (Acquaintance)

Souka (Dislikes)

Rylan Mercier (Enemy)

AGE 17 GENRE Electronica, alternative HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT 52kg (114 lbs) CHARACTER ITEM Cello CREATOR Montblanc
BIRTHDAY September 6 LIKES Studying, animals, desserts, drawing, quietness, stringed instruments MEDIA LIST NONE
RELEASE DATE [TBA] DISLIKES Her sleep problems, hot weather, being disrupted, being the subject of jokes SIGNATURE SONG [TBA]
PERSONALITY: Lyra comes across as an exceptionally quiet, studious and serious person who rarely voices her opinion, even on subjects that she disagrees with. Despite being irritable and quick to anger, she will usually keep quiet about her feelings, and will rarely ever physically lash out at people. Towards particular individuals, she can be somewhat tender, and even protective.

Supplemental Information

Hair colour: Pale blonde (dip-dyed light brown)
Eye colour: Crimson
Dress/Outfit: Lyra wears an oversized hooded black sweater, with black leggings and dark brown boots that reach halfway up her calf. She typically wears her hair in a half-ponytail, located at the back of her head.
Others: She has heavy dark circles under her eyes, due to poor health and a lack of sleep.
Nationality/Race: Australian/Human

Personal Quotes

  • “Can't you two do that somewhere else? As in, somewhere that's not in my house?"
  • “I swear to God, get out of my house, and stop eating my food!"
  • "We're never buying pickles again..."
  • “Hey, uh...I know you’re kind of annoying, but you’re a pretty good person. Just...don’t let yourself be pushed around, ok?”


  • Lyra has notably bad luck, leading her to often end up in strange, unfortunate and even dangerous situations, as well as being a frequent subject of pranks and jokes.
  • Although Chatter is referenced as her friend, she is predominantly irritated by his presence, particularly his lecherous behaviour.
  • She is known to enjoy drawing from time to time, and her sketchbook illustrations usually depict realistic animals and objects.
  • Although her eyes are typically (and intentionally) portrayed as crimson, her natural eye colour is actually dark brown.
  • Lyra has a number of sleeping problems, including sleep apnea and frequent nightmares, which are often abstract beyond normal recognition and exceptionally horrifying.
  • She is a biology student at university, and her dream career is to become a microbiologist.
  • Despite being acquainted with several ghosts and non-human beings, Lyra is known to be notably unsettled by supernatural beings and powers, as well as anything that cannot be explained logically or scientifically.
  • External profile

Voice Configuration

ACT1 [CV] - This bank is currently in the process of being recorded. A beta bank has previously been recorded, but cannot be released due to a number of issues.

Voice Description: [TBA]

Recommended Resampler: [TBA]

Recommended Flags: [TBA]

Pros: [TBA]

Lyra's appearance in Spiralbound (placeholder) [art by suikyatto]

Cons: [TBA]

Notable Works

Planned Covers

  • A Happy Death
  • At the Mercy of a Dream
  • Drops of Artificial Flowers
  • I Miss You
  • Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho

Other Media


Lyra makes an appearance as a minor character in Spiralbound, a currently in-development abstract horror game which uses RPGMaker VX Ace as its engine, and features Chatter and Elky as its protagonists.

Castle Gray

Lyra appears as a major character in Castle Gray, an upcoming UTAU project by Machine. More information about this project is yet to be released.

Usage Clause and Guidelines

[As of 17th December 2014]

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