(Japanese: 天音ルナ - あまねるな - Amane Runa)

天音 (Amane; Heavenly Sound or more specifically Sound of the universe/space)
ルナ (Luna; Romanized word of Moon in Latin.)
Luna Amane is not related with Luna Ichine in any way.

TYPE: Tamed rabbit which incarnated as a human being
MODEL: 0815 - The date of "Juugoya" (十五夜, Jpn.) or "Zhong qiu jie" (中秋節, Chi.) by the lunar calendar, the autumn harvest and full moon viewing festival.
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE UNKNOWN RELATED CHARACTERS Mono Amane (Male variation by voice manipulation)
Yomiko Kouzuki (Former owner)
AGE 18 GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE Cool Moonlight Rabbits (月光兎涼) OLD NEW
Notice: The author Mikoze does not operate a YouTube channel. The user Luna Amane is a fan.
WEIGHT SECRET (Luna is one of those girls that doesn't want info about their weight be known.) CHARACTER ITEM Pampas grass (Susuki) CREATOR Mikoze (三日月) - (This name is a play on words. 三日月 can also be read as "mikazuki" or crescent.)
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'0" ft (153 cm) (Her 3 sizes are classified as "private information") VOICE SOURCE Mikoze (三日月) PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, PIAPRO, PIXIV, DEVIANT ART, GOOGLE IMAGE, PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY October 19, 1990 LIKES Mooncakes, fluffy things, rice dumplings MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
PERSONALITY: Luna is a yokai of a tamed rabbit. A quiet person, Luna likes to sleep and likes quiet places, however she's poor in sports. She naps often and can be found singing when she sees the moon at night. Her affinity for the moon may have been inspired by the traditional Japanese myth of rabbits residing at the moon.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Wavy blond hair to her waist.
Headgear: Bunny ears attached to headphones. This comes from the Japanese fairy tale that rabbits live on the moon.
Eye color: Blue.
Earphones: Black headset with blue illumination.
Dress: An orange tank top over a green sleeveless turtleneck shirt, and a fuchsia mini skirt with yellow trimming. She also wears black shoes, wristbands, and black bike shorts underneath her skirt. See concept art for further details.
Nationality/Race: Not identified.
Favorite phrase: Hayaku ningen ni naritaaai! (早く人間になりたーい!; Wanna be a real human being as soooon as possible!).

Voice Configuration

Luna's voice is much less airy and robotic than other UTAUloids, and therefore she has an easier time pronouncing, despite the fact that her voicebank contains Japanese phonemes only.

Usage Clause

Luna Amane has a governing policy imposed by the author in regards to usage of both the voicebank and the character.
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  2. Except for the cases of commercial purpose, prior acknowledgement is not necessarily required when publishing/broadcasting your work using this voicebank.
  3. Except for the cases of commercial purpose, the names of Luna Amane and the voice provider are not necessarily required to be written onto your work.
  4. Make sure to write the name Luna Amane onto your work when using this voicebank for commercial purpose.
  5. Except for the regulation by laws and ordinances, no restriction is imposed on the content of your work using this voicebank.
  6. No restriction is imposed on processing this voicebank, altering this voicebank and/or resetting the parameters of this voicebank. Prior/after acknowledgement is not necessarily required.
  7. Redistribution is approved only under the condition when download link is down. If the dead link found, please let the author know.
  8. Distribution of processed, altered and/or reset voicebank (WAV files and/or reset parameters for UTAU platform) is approved under the condition that the notice of non-original voicebank is written clearly.
  9. Impersonating copyright claim or misleading claim is forbidden.


  1. No limitation is imposed on using this character.
  2. When using with other Vocaloid/Utauloid character(s), usage clause(s) of the character(s) shall be applied to the character Luna Amane also.

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