Lucius Seine

(Japanese: 聖音ルシエス-圣音路西斯-せいねるしえす - Seine Lucius)

聖音 (Seine; holy voice)-神圣之音

ルシエス(Lucius; In Latin means "Light".) "The Holy Light"

AGE 80 GENRE Gothic/Victorian/Hymns HOMEPAGE Coming soon
WEIGHT UNKOWN CHARACTER ITEM Cross and Chains CREATOR Ruriko Sama (dA) (YouTube)

170cm (160cm without heels)

BIRTHDAY March 28,1933 LIKES Cheese with cup noodles, hymns, and dolls MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE April 1, 2013 DISLIKES Rejection from others SIGNATURE SONG NONE at the moment
PERSONALITY: Lucius is the Knight Templar of Purgatory(煉獄の聖騎士 /煉獄殉教者) who laments for the martyrs and injustice deaths. His will to "cleanse" sins of all souls with the fire of purgatory has made others to regard him as a demonic priest. This is the reason why he has a slightly twisted and sadistic personality for no one ever acknowledges his kind deeds.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Peach pink
Eye color: Scarlet
Earphones: none
Dress/Outfit: Refer to concept art

Nationality/Race: Caucasian
Seine lucius oc concept art by jikokunorei sama-d61e1lz

Voice Configuration

Current Voicebanks

WIP (Work in Progresses)/Future Voicebanks

  • High Pitch+Low Pitch VCV


Real Facts as an UTAU Creation

  • Lucius is meant to be published on Easter Sunday March 31st, 2013, but the author didn't make it due to busy scheduale...
  • Lucius's creation is partially for the purpose of singing church hymns.
  • Lucius's original name is Lucius Ivan Night, he is actually a character I have taken out from my original Manga story I am working on.

Facts as a Character

Meant for the purpose of roleplay and for fun, also for hymn song singing experiment.

  • Knight Templar of Purgatory.煉獄の聖騎士 /煉獄の殉教者
  • He is a wraith warrior because his physical body is burnt in a church in the year of 1939 during WWII.
  • Dominant, sadistic when it comes to pursuing others to believe in his opinion.
  • If someone denies him or reject his kind offers he will very likely throw the person into purgatory for he thinks that person would be spiritually saved.
  • Believes that the fire of purgatory can cleanse the sins of stubborn sinners who ignore and reject his gospels and prevents them from going to Hell.
  • Supports Christianity Communism in some way, but not to the extent of an extremist.
  • Well trained as a Knight Templar. Strong and extremely skilled in all types of physical attacks and martial arts.
  • Uses bulky metallic weapons that are still in scarlet burning state of over 3000 degrees Celsius under the heat of Purgatory fire.
  • Main Weapon is the Kaleido-Axe [[1]] Secondary weapon: Flying magma chains and Kaleido-Rapier.
  • His Purgatory fire creates illusion affect on enemy as if they are on trial of The Last Judgement.
  • Can turn into insane berserk mode when he is near defeat.
  • Likes French fashion dolls, he has a collection of them and sometimes make some of his own.
  • Skilled in Victorian craftsmanship.
  • Prays for one enemy who he can never defeats yet he loves and care for will one day accept salvation from God.
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