Hair Color/Style: Warm Reddish/Brown - Notably shorter on sides than on top (undercut)

Eye Color: Orange/Gold Gradient

Upper Attire: Black, baggy, long-sleeved undershirt with white stripes down length of sleeves. Upper arm adorned with gold digital plate reading "L1" (model number). Over this, baggy dark-blue-and-white vest with short, tight collar and a ring-shaped zipper. Also wears a necklace with a metallic wing with four colored beads on both sides of wings. Has a large, golden scraf the hangs loosely around neck and reachs to below his knees.

Gloves: Fingerless black gloves with small, optic blue light on center of backhand. Glove attached to a solid, large-wristed, black cuff with gold center band.

Lower Attire: Dark grey shorts with white stripes from gold-seemed side-pockets down the length of shorts. A thick white band wraps around the leg cuff. On outer side of shorts is a large, white triangle with a small, yellow circle in its center.

Boots: Primarily white, mid-calf boots with dark blue soles. Adorned on top of the foot by the tip is an optic blue light. Around the arch of the foot is a single, black belt that wraps around whole foot. From heel of foot to 2" from the top is a large, black cover up with two thick, white belts that expose the boot's dark blue tongue.


LOGA.N's most recent voicebank, HYPE CVVC Act1 can be downloaded here: Wafflehouse & Company

Updated on LOGA.N's newest VCV bank REBIRTH can be followed on WhoAteTheWaffles' SoundCloud:

It is recommended to use TIPS.exe as the resampler with flags B0H15Y10F0t2


- DO NOT alter or distribute LOGA.N's voicebank without the permission of WhoAteTheWaffles on YT or Soundcloud.
- DO credit WhoAteTheWaffles when using the character and/or voice of LOGA.N
- DO NOT use LOGA.N to harass or provoke any other UTAU or Vocaloid users.
- DO NOT use LOGA.N for profit (unless given permission in advance by WhoAteTheWaffles; proof of permission will be requested by WhoAteTheWaffles if suspicious activity arises)
- DO NOT use LOGA.N in a fashion that would discriminate against any religion, sexuality, gender, etc.
- Use of LOGA.N for R18 themes IS acceptable, so long as they are in good taste.


If there are any questions about the bank, please contact me through any of the following! (Or if you use him in a cover, please share it with me because I would love to hear it!)

Skype: whoatethewaffles (waffles)

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