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Okamimimi Lisia (狼耳リシア), nicknamed Lisa, is a voicebank for the UTAU program endrosed by Hololoid.


Lisia is a half-human and half-werewolf girl who is good at singing. She is from the Wolfclans, a world that has populated by wolves and werewolves. She likes Miku and other VOCALOIDS and UTAUloids, and has befriended them as well. Lisia has an unfriendly rival named Sukone Tei, who likes Kagamine Len and hates Hatsune Miku, which annoys Lisia. Lisia is the first member of Hololoid, a group of UTAUloids made up of boys and girls who want to be idols. She can play the guitar, but isn't perfect at it.

  • Item - Electric Guitar and Electric Keyboard (later given to Kiraru)
  • Likes - Drawing, singing, listening to Miku sing, french fries
  • Dislikes - Sukone Tei, Loud noises, bullying, horror Vocaloid songs (mostly Bacterial Contamination and Kakome Kakome)


  • Okamimimi (狼耳) - Wolf Ears.
  • Lisia (リシア) - From Lycia.


  • Hair color - Black with Pink and Indigo Streaks
  • Headgear - None, but has wolf ears that match a tail
  • Eye color - Blue, turn red when she's angry
  • Earphones - None
  • Outfit - Similar to the Koisuru☆Beam outfit, but it has slightly changes


Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Original ?? ??~?? "Her original, cute and happy voice. As usual, she has some of the anime girl voices as she tends to speak." TBA
Whisper ?? ??~?? "Like the official Hatsune Miku NT voicebank, Lisia can sing by using a whispering voice in your ear." TBA
Dark ?? ??~?? "With this voice, Lisia can be used with her downer and melancholic singing voice, and it has a good melancholy and breathy tone." TBA
Solid ?? ??~?? "Like Dark DB, Tight and strong singing voice. Now with adjustable tension." TBA
Sweet ?? ??~?? "Unlike Whisper DB, Tame and elegant voice, with adjustable softness." TBA
Werewolf ?? ??~?? "A dark, serious voice where she becomes her beast form. It is an only rare you can see her monstrous voice." TBA
English ?? ??~?? "As usual, Lisia's English DB is used with some Japanese accent, and it's only used with some cute English covers." TBA
Chinese ?? ??~?? "Same as English DB, a Mandarin Chinese style you can choose her to sing. Only that, it was also used with some Japanese accent." TBA

Voice details

  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Soft Rock, Rock, Pop; Range: TBA

Voice samples

  • TBA

Additional information


  • Her birthday is August 13, 2003, which is also International Wolf Day.
  • If her name word Shi and Ri was switched, her nickname would be Siria.
  • Her signature song is 1/6 -out of the gravity-, which will be released after she announced her new upcoming UTAU OC at DeviantArt.
  • Her beast form is similar to the werewolf from the 2005 game Project Altered Beast.