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Liliiflora (Liliiflora / りりふろら) is a voicebank for the UTAU program. 


An experiment gone wrong, she was taken to Area 51 as a result of underground scientists discovering unknown

objects and liquids from various secretive expeditions and extraterrestrials

that had been captured over the decades.

Hand-picked out of millions for being someone deemed, “unimportant”, believing she would not be questioned for missing. After numerous experiments went awry, being exposed to who knows what, she never was the same. 

Coming out with various defects physically and mentally- random spouts of nausea, extreme migraines, body chills and depersonalization--, due to the strange effects of the exposure, medication has not aided in curing the symptoms whatsoever. Many people did not believe her, thinking she was faking it for attention. 

This caused her to embrace her dreams she was always too shy to pursue. Pushing away average people in face-to-face conversation, she began to cosplay as a 'Neko' and started to be an unintentional Instagram influencer. Her appearance caused thirsty boys and girls alike to vie for her attention, something she had never felt before in her life. The validation felt alien to her... literally. Now, Lilii finds herself attempting to cope with life anew. Alone and independent--or at least trying to be--, she now sings and “influences” a generation of people, while still not being able to get her own emotions under control. She shunned gender boundaries in favor of becoming non-binary, although she habitually goes by gender-conforming she/her pronouns, but very regularly answers to they/them from her closest friends. She is still insecure about her identity, a bi-product of both the normality of her anxiousness and lack of self-confidence, as well as the lack of acceptance for her identity. Nonetheless, she endeavors to eventually be accepted fully.


While Lilii has a basic personality given to her by her creator, it is not "canon" information. She may be depicted in any way as long as it follows the UTAU software terms of use.

Liliiflora is a generally quiet, reserved young adult, a trait she’s possessed her entire life, amplified by both her exposure and her kidnapping. She is very bubbly on camera or in front of a microphone, though, and feels as if she comes alive when she is either making music or Instagram photos. Living vicariously through the happiness of others, she feels happiest bringing others joy. As a result of her strange symptoms, she is an insomniac. Early in life, she had a habit of oversleeping. Now? She can barely sleep at all. She attempts to be a good friend but often feels as if she comes up short. She has a suffering self-esteem that seems to diminish the larger she gets. She smiles wide and seems very glad to be in her position. Once the camera goes off, or the microphone is finished recording, she usually frowns.

  • Item - Cowboy hat
  • Likes - Mountain Dew (specifically Baja Blast), Dr Pepper, Orange Juice, Monster Drinks (due to her constant lack of energy), pastel colors, beagles-huskies, and country music
  • Dislikes - Bees, wasps, sudden loud noises (related to her PTSD from the experimentation she endured), completely dark rooms, and tight spaces


  • Liliiflora - She is named after the Magnolia Liliiflora. She changed her name as an online alias to distance herself from her initial name, Alexis.


  • Hair color - Magenta, although she dyes it pure pink on occasion, as well as enjoys tinting it with streaks.
  • Headgear - Pointed cat ears.
  • Eye color - A combination of yellow, white, purple and black, (symbolizing the non-binary flag!).
  • Outfit - A light red raincoat with baggy mitts, with sequenced brown buttons running down below her chest, embroidered with a variety of heart patterns. She prefers wearing boots, specifically her favorite pair: thick brown rain boots. A tawny and white scarf cuffs her neck. She also wears either a grey or pink hairpin.


  • Gumi Megpoid - idol
  • Gunloid - uses them to shoot bad people
  • Ken Shippai - platonic girlfriend
  • Kyo Morioka - best friend, 'protector'
  • SilverCross - good friend
  • Tsubasa Arugo - good friend
  • CopperCross - buddy :D

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- Recorded with Blue Yeti

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- Romaji CV Reclist


- Recorded with Blue Yeti

- D4 (fluctuates often)

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- Recorded with Blue Yeti

- D4 (fluctuates often)

- Rendered .frqs (this update has oto / .frq fixes)

- Romaji CV Reclist


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