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(Japanese: レト - Russian: Лето - Leto)
Name: Leto (Лето) - Russian for "summer"

MODEL: none


Male VOICE RANGE E2-A4 RELATED CHARACTERS Senne Ruri (friend/stalker)
Kotori Shizune (friend/spell casting partner)
Chanoyu Teapot (who are you, a teapot-girl ( ⌒▽⌒))
Yukari (best friend)
Shou Blanc(a nightmare)
Oto Mizuno (strange scary girl ( ⌒▽⌒))
AGE undefined (supposedly 19) GENRE Any HOMEPAGE none ( ⌒▽⌒)"
WEIGHT 75 kg CHARACTER ITEM Fly-agaric (and any mushroom, actually) CREATOR Chansey


BIRTHDAY June, 1 LIKES forest, herbs, vegetables, internet, twitter, asking stupid questions, cooking salads and herbal teas MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE June, 1 DISLIKES hot and sultry weather, closed space, when anyone tugs his hair SIGNATURE SONG none

- Supernatural essence - Leto is a grandson of leshy, so, just like Kotori and Teapot, he's not a human. Leto can do small earth magic, such as making plants grow.
- Cheerful personality - Leto is really cheerful person. Sometimes even too cheerful. His cheerfulness annoys everyone, but he doesn't seem to care. It seems that nothing can ever make him sad, but actually it is not truth. Leto has friendly attitude to everyone and enjoys showing warm feelings. But despite he shows himself as an open person with no secrets, his personality is somehow vague, and one can never know if he's really that kind and cheerful.
- Happy smile - Leto is constantly smiling. Whatever happens, he always has a kind of annoying happy smile on his face. In internet he never stops using ( ⌒▽⌒)-smile after every sentence
- Moron - Leto's distinctive personality trait is his intention to act like an idiot. He clings to others with stupid questions, saying things that can be obvious for others, but a mystery/surprise for him and things that can be neutral and innocent for him, but offensive to others. He seems to have a wind in his head. On the other hand he appears to be smart, he understands a lot of things, which others don't even think about. He just has his personal way of thinking. Or hides his smartness behind the mask of utter stupidity for his secret reasons.
- Internet addiction - Leto was exiled from the forest by his grandfather for installing internet connection in the forest. Enough said.
- Language incompetence - Leto can speak no language except Russian (and, maybe, Ukrainian). He understands, when somebody speaks English to him, but it's comprehended as "blahblhblah" most of the time. That causes some confusing situations and a lot of questions like "What does it mean? Is that Russian?" etc. His ability to surf the net and sing Japanese is a mystery even for him.

Supplemental Information

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: white
Earphones: none
Outfit: creamy cotton shirt with emboidery, blue jeans, sandals, huge hat, which looks like a mushroom cap
Nationality/Race: Russian/Leshy
( ⌒▽⌒)
Twitter: LetoForest_bot (tweets only in Russian)

Voice Configuration

Leto is designed only for Japanese language. His voice is both encoded in Hiragana and Romaji.

His ACT1 can be downloaded here

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