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I miss my parents.

~ LEPA (レパ) is a Japanese Male Vocal for UTAU. ~

LEPA's Unreleased VCV Sample



Character profile:[]

  • Character item: Trash Bag
  • Anniversary: February 28th (Creation 2023, Release 2024)
  • Spirit animal: Raccoon

Etymology details[]

  • Name: LEPA - Has no meaning, originates from creators (Blaxiety) old gamertag.

Voicebank Profile:[]

  • Vocal type: Teenage male, "Baritone"-ish(?)
  • Vocal Range: around G2 - G4, logical range is wider.
  • Recording Software: OREMO
  • Recording Microphone: Trust Dual Connection Microphone

Usage Clause[]

  • Do not claim the character or voicebank to be yours.
  • Do not claim you drew/illustrated any of LEPA's designs (other than V1). Ne0xyo is the rightful owner of these artworks.
  • Do not break the UTAU Terms Of Service when using LEPA
  • When using LEPA, please credit the voicebank. Crediting the creator is not required.
  • Contact @blaxiety on discord if you want to discuss about commercial use of the voicebank or the character.
  • Non-commercial use is always allowed, without permission from creator. If you want to, please contact @blaxiety on discord to share your work.
  • R-18 Content is highly prohibited, LEPA is a minor.
  • Do not use LEPA in content that discriminates against any race, sex, religion, etc.
  • More in depth Terms Of Service here

Also remember[]

  • Unauthorized editing of this page without permission from Blaxiety is prohibited. Also, don't vandalize the page.


TW!! Death and Abuse mentioned[]


LEPA was a boy born into a very poor family. His family barely had any resources neccesary for raising a child, especially when it happened so suddenly and unknowingly. When LEPA turned eight he started his music journey, but his poor family wasn't able to support his new hobby. He started stealing CDs from the local record store just so he could listen to music. LEPA's father died a few days before LEPA turned 10. LEPA felt like the world had just ended. His favourite person, the only one who'd relate to music the same way as him. LEPA's heart shattered like glass.

LEPA's father's death caused LEPA to go into a sort of empty point in life. LEPA started listening to more music to try to cope the death of his father, which barely helped. Obviously LEPA's mom was pissed about her husband's death so she started abusing LEPA to cope with the pain herself. Every time LEPA tried to do anything more than sit in his room doing nothing, mom would be out of her mind and shut him back into his room.

One day, LEPA had enough. He was thinking of leaving the city. LEPA's mom caught him in the act. She was pissed. However, she let him leave. She told LEPA that if he leaves, he may never show up on that doorstep ever again. LEPA didn't care to listen and just ran off. Almost immediately a rush of regret took over him.

LEPA doesn't understand her mom is abusive. "She's an alcoholic and a drug addict but that doesn't make her a bad mother, right?"

The rain falls heavily on the pavement as LEPA runs on the streets of the busy city. He doesn't know where he is going to, but he continues sprinting forward. Tears fall down on LEPA's face after realizing the mistake he made. He should've never left. He loved her mother more than anyone else in the world. Why did he have to leave over such a tiny thing?

Suddenly, when LEPA runs through the busy streets, he doesn't feel the ground beneath him anymore. Before realizing what just had happened, he is already in the sewerhole with almost his entire body dislocated. He can only stare up the sewer hole that he just fell from. The rain falls on his face, as he stares and listens to the terrified voices of the witnesses.

He slowly closes his eyes.


After what felt like an indefinite sleep, LEPA slowly wakes up in the middle of a flower field. He opens his eyes slowly, only to realize the sun is shining brightly into his eyes. He gets up and walks off like nothing happened...

LEPA is a teen living in an alternative universe in the year 1940. He's trying to normalize music in a world where it is seen as demonic. It's his life goal.

LEPA was reborn into another dimension.

Lore summary[]

LEPA is a teen boy who's dream is to become a singer, his dad dies so he becomes depressed. His mom becomes abusive and he decides to run away. He runs into a sewer hole and dies. He is reborn into another dimension.

Info about using lore[]

The lore here is NEVER required to be the canonical way LEPA is interprited in a song/cover as he can be anything you want. The only bad thing would be making him aged up and sexualizing him.

Voicebank Distribution[]

Voice Reclist + Range Description Release Date Sample Latest Version Download
レパ V3 CV CV; C3 "Rough CV Voicebank"


1.1 DL

Contact Info[]

Here's the contact info of Blaxiety and everyone else affiliated.


  • LEPA's first voicebank was released on the same day as he was created, exactly a year later.
  • "LEPA" isn't his real name, only an alias