(Japanese: カイルス - かいるす - Kai-rusu)

- His name is based off of an old OC of his creator, which was a variation of the name "Cyrus".

- Could also be a romanization of the Greek word Κυρος(kyrios) which means "lord".

- According to "Google Translate", his name means "What is the" in Japanese.

TYPE: The first of Project "KERBEROS"

Vestasarinia - Fellow KERBEROS-loid/companion

Christophe - Fellow KERBEROS-loid/companion

Elle - Fellow KERBEROS-loid/companion

'Julius - Fellow KERBEROS-loid/companion'

'Alexander - 'Fellow KERBEROS-loid/companion'

AGE Early Twenties GENRE Usually soft sounding songs HOMEPAGE Project-Kerberos
WEIGHT 170 lbs (77.3 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Beam Sword CREATOR Opera Ghost (aka GladiatorBros)


BIRTHDAY May 7, 2011 LIKES Women in general, but mostly Sara, food, fish, and other UTAUs MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE May 7, 2011 DISLIKES Christophe, pain, scary movies, and downers SIGNATURE SONG Cover: Byakkoya no Musume


(Note: Just because he has a personality, it doesn’t mean you should be limited by it!)

Kyrus is the kind of guy who would go "Du-de" alot. He likes to consider himself the big bro of the KERBEROSloids which usually ends up annoying Christophe which results in Kyrus getting hit. He also really likes to tease Vestasarina by calling her a Tsundere (which she doesn’t approve of). Overall he is just a tease and a cheerful/goofy guy. He also really likes to use the finger gun a lot because he thinks it is cool.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Burgundy "Duck-Butt" hair
Eyes: Green
Earphones: Neon Green with a screen on both sides. The screen shows a sound wave line that pulsates as he sings.
Dress/Outfit: A vest with some form of Armor around the shoulders. His right arm is entirely covered while his left arm has a shorter glove on it. He has green circutry all over his vest, gloves, pants, and boots. A belt comes across his chest and another around his waist. Both buckles light up. On the screen of his buckle is a sound wave line similar to ones on his headphones.

Voice Configuration

Kyrus's voice is recorded in Romaji, and is capable of singing in Hiragana with aliases. Oto.inis completed and breathes included. You can get his genderbend Kyrie at g-20. Although as a heads up, anything above the C4 range doesn't fare too well with his voice, unless you want to be brave and have him sound like he's wearing tight pants.

Usage Clause

Kyrus has a governing policy imposed by the author in regards to usage of both the voicebank and the character.

  1. You may NOT claim to own the name Kyrus or his voice.
  2. You may NOT use Kyrus in anything illegal, racist, or defaming
  3. Any fanworks/RPs/Fanfiction R-18 should get consent by Opera Ghost before posting.
  4. You do not have permission to Role play as this character without permission by the creator.
  5. You may NOT use Kyrus in any way to gain money, unless expressly given permission by the creator.
  6. This voicebank is free of use.
  7. When using this voicebank, please put the name "Kyrus" or "KERBEROSloid" on your work.
  8. When using in conjunction with other Vocaloids and Utauloids, the usage clauses of those voicebanks also apply to Kyrus, unless they conflict with this usage clause. In that case, this usage clause takes precedence for Kyrus only.
  9. Impersonating the author is forbidden.
  10. Pitching and creating derivatives from Kyrus is not allowed.
  11. The author does not hold any responsibility for incidents caused by using this voicebank

Kyrus ACT 1.2 download here

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