(Japanese: Kv2--ダッキー  - (Kv2-Dakki)
ダッキー (Ducky) - Named for her duck-shaped beret. Also a reference and tribute to Ducky, from the land before time.
TYPE: Steamloid - She belongs to a group of steampunk themed utauloids, although there are currently only two.
MODEL: 02, a reference to the fact she is an updated version of a failed utau.

Gv2-Acer (Fellow steamloid, and possible counterpart. They have no official relationship)

AGE Appears 13. GENRE Is best at slow songs HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT 320 lbs (145.5


CHARACTER ITEM Ducks CREATOR Jammythewerewolf (voicer, creator, illustrator)
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 4'9" ft (144.78 cm) VOICE SOURCE Jammythewerewolf PICTURE LINK LIST None, yet.
BIRTHDAY September 9, 1886 LIKES Having a full battery, singing, birds. MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE March 26, 2013 DISLIKES Water, squirrels, running out of power. SIGNATURE SONG

Miniature Garden girl

PERSONALITY: Ducky has no official personality, but can be portrayed as a friendly, somewhat tomboyish girl with a rebellious streak.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Green.
Headgear: Beret shaped like a duck's head
Eye color: Pinkish-brown
Earphones: None
Dress: Black maid's outfit with puffy sleeves and skirt, with a white apron.
Nationality/Race: English, clockwork robot.

Voice Configuration

Ducky is bilingual, with reasonable English capabilities, and can also sing in Japanese. Other languages may be possible, but are untested. Voicebank is written in romaji, with few extra sounds for English pronunciation.

Ducky's voice is high and squeaky, and can sound airy and unclear, especially in the lower notes. Interestingly, despite being a female utau, she has a male voice provider.

Her voicebank can be directly downloaded at:

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