What makes you think I'd have a "Favorite phrase" what even is that
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Kuroda (黒田) is one hell of a guy!


Kuroda was born and raised in a small farming town far away from the city, where he was taught the importance of self-sustenance and independence. He made it an important part of his character to trust others selectively, and to rely on nobody but himself. At some point, Kuroda grew apart even from his family, and moved to a more densely populated area, where he would attend classes, and start working in a high-end mechanic shop. Around this small town, he would become known for his aggressive, yet just nature. Even with a slight desire to be social these days, he mostly keeps to himself, assuming most people just aren't worth it. He can usually be found working out in his basement to keep his health in tip-top shape, or in the shop working on luxury cars. If he's not there, you may stumble upon him working on his voice or practicing the guitar in some secluded location.


Kuroda's physical design takes inspiration from modern takes of the werewolf, as well as some current rock, and punk bands.


  • Kuroda (黒田) - 'a black rice patty'
    • His last name, inherited from his father, who came from a far away land.
    • His first name is kept a secret, he only identifies with his strong last name.


  • Fur color- Grey, with ridiculously small spots of white, and dark grey in some areas.
  • Body- Muscular and bulky. Very well taken care of, and he's proud of it!
  • Dress - Usually wears revealing muscle shirts, or tight t-shirts, as for pants, it's rare to see him in anything other than black, or dark blue jeans. He also has two piercings on his right ear, he pierced those himself with his claw (ouch)


  • Aoko Sasayaki - Someone he met along the way...?

Voicebank Information

Product Information
  Genre: Rock, Metal, Folk  Range: C#2-E6  Tempo: 95-200 BPM
  Input: Kana encoded and kana aliased  Vowels: Unannounced  System: Microsoft Windows and Mac
Package details as noted:
  • This voicebank was recorded for the Japanese language.
  • Recorded in 8 pitches, F2, A2, C3, F3, A#3, D4, G4 and C5
  • Includes VC, and CV aliases; meaning the vb can be used as VCV, CVVC, or CV depending on preference.
  • In addition to his 8 core pitches, he comes with F#5 falsetto CVVC add-on.
Voicebank sample
  • IDK how to put one xoxo

Additional information


  • He is gay, He's not in the closet, however, he isn't particularly open about his sexuality.
  • He's very confident in his ability to care for others, since he thinks he did so good on himself. Because of this he often becomes overprotective and controlling with people he loves.



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