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Kuroda (黒田) is an utau.......


Literally rewriting his lore but I have work in 30 minutes!


Kuroda's physical design takes inspiration from modern takes of the werewolf. However, the rest of his character comes from the fantastical tales of the past.


  • Kuroda (黒田) - 'a black rice patty'
    • His last name, inherited from his father, who came from a far away land.
    • His first name is kept a secret, he only identifies with his strong last name.


  • Fur color- Grey, with ridiculously small spots of white, and dark grey in some areas.
  • Body- Very built, well taken care of.
  • Dress - Usually wears loose fitting shirts and khakis. Dislikes formal wear.


  • Aoko Sasayaki - Best Friend.

Voicebank Information

Product Information
  Genre: Rock, Metal, Folk  Range: C#2-F5  Tempo: 90-200 BPM
  Input: Kana encoded and kana aliased  Vowels: Unannounced  System: Microsoft Windows and Mac
Package details as noted:
  • This voicebank was recorded for the Japanese language.
  • Recorded in 8 pitches, F2, A2, C3, F3, A#3, D4, G4 and C5
  • Includes VC, and CV aliases; meaning the vb can be used as VCV, CVVC, or CV depending on preference.
  • In addition to his 8 core pitches, he comes with F#5 falsetto CVVC add-on.
Voicebank sample
  • IDK how to put one xoxo

Additional information


  • He is gay
  • F



  1. "If I get real, I'll go even further."

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