Kuroda head Dec 2016
Kuroda Head
Hoko Kuroda

( Japanese: ほこくろだ - Hoko Kuroda ' )


黒田(Kuroda)-black rice paddy ,ホコ (Hoko)-No Meaning

TYPE: Utauloid
MODEL: ???

Lambda (Friend)

Aoko (Friend)

AGE Unknown GENRE Folk, Celtic HOMEPAGE AltairUtau_Synth
WEIGHT 320 Lbs. (estimated) CHARACTER ITEM None CREATOR Altair
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS About 6'5"/2 Metres VOICE SOURCE Altair Concept Art N/A
BIRTHDAY December 20. LIKES Hot Springs, food, Sparring, Being in control MEDIA LIST Soundcloud
RELEASE DATE December 20th, 2015 DISLIKES Being disobeyed or disrespected, wannabes SIGNATURE SONG None Yet
PERSONALITY: Kuroda is stern, solemn seeming man who never seems to be happy. He always goes out of his way to keep a strong and scary appearance so that people will take him seriously. If he somehow manages to find a soft spot for you however, he`ll be slightly more fun to be around. With his closest friends, hes very affectionate and protective. Thats super nice of course, but sometimes he can be a bit too protective, and it`ll come across as controlling or manipulative. He means only the best though.

Supplemental Information

Fur colour: Mostly light Grey, black and white splotches in some areas.
Headgear: None
Eye colour: Ruby
Earphones: None
Dress: He actually has more than one outfit and changes his clothes
Nationality/Race: Canine

Voicebank Info

Name Type Pitch Range DL
CV Neutral F3 C#3-B3
Sierra VCV VCV D#2, G2, C3, F#3,

A#3, D4, D4裏, A#4裏

Eng English B2, D#3, A3, C#4 G2-F4
Esp Spanish G2, B2, E3. A#3 E2-E4

sorry u cant dl these yet but ill put his CV up soon at least

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