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|'''December 20. '''
|'''December 20. '''
| style="text-align:center;" |LIKES
| style="text-align:center;" |LIKES
|Hot Springs, food, Sparring, Being in control
|Hot Springs, food, Sparring, Being in control, Rem
| style="text-align:center;" |MEDIA LIST
| style="text-align:center;" |MEDIA LIST
|'''[ Soundcloud]'''
|'''[ Soundcloud]'''

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Kuroda head Dec 2016
Kuroda Head
Hoko Kuroda

( Japanese: ほこくろだ - Hoko Kuroda ' )


黒田(Kuroda)-black rice paddy ,ホコ (Hoko)-No Meaning

TYPE: Utauloid
MODEL: ???

Lambda (Friend)

Aoko (Friend)

AGE Unknown GENRE Folk, Celtic HOMEPAGE AltairUtau_Synth
WEIGHT 320 Lbs. (estimated) CHARACTER ITEM None CREATOR Altair
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS About 6'5"/2 Metres VOICE SOURCE Altair Concept Art N/A
BIRTHDAY December 20. LIKES Hot Springs, food, Sparring, Being in control, Rem MEDIA LIST Soundcloud
RELEASE DATE December 20th, 2015 DISLIKES Being disobeyed or disrespected, wannabes SIGNATURE SONG None Yet
PERSONALITY: Kuroda is stern, solemn seeming man who never seems to be happy. He always goes out of his way to keep a strong and scary appearance so that people will take him seriously. If he somehow manages to find a soft spot for you however, he`ll be slightly more fun to be around. With his closest friends, hes very affectionate and protective. Thats super nice of course, but sometimes he can be a bit too protective, and it`ll come across as controlling or manipulative. He means only the best though.

Supplemental Information

Fur colour: Mostly light Grey, black and white splotches in some areas.
Headgear: None
Eye colour: Ruby
Earphones: None
Dress: He actually has more than one outfit and changes his clothes
Nationality/Race: Canine

Voicebank Info

Name Type Pitch Range DL
CV Neutral F3 C#3-B3
Sierra VCV VCV D#2, G2, C3, F#3,

A#3, D4, D4裏, A#4裏

Eng English B2, D#3, A3, C#4 G2-F4
Esp Spanish G2, B2, E3. A#3 E2-E4

sorry u cant dl these yet but ill put his CV up soon at least

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