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Kuroda (黒田) is one hell of a guy!


Kuroda was born and raised in a small farming town far away from the city, where he was taught the importance of self-sustenance and independence. He made it an important part of his character to trust others selectively, and to rely on nobody but himself. Kuroda grew older, and more distant from those around him. Being as disciplined as he was but lacking direction, he enlisted in the military, and served for only two years. Those years changed him both for better, and for worse, but he jumped at the opportunity to be honorably discharged and to be returned home. It is rumored that something that occurred during this time is the reason why Kuroda simply goes by "Kuroda", and doesn't associate with any other name.

Nowadays, Kuroda studies on an off taking community college classes here and there, but primarily focuses his time on working. He's semi-happily employed as a mechanic, and puts in ridiculous amounts of hours at times to compensate for his near non-existent social life. In the free time he leaves himself, he often just works out, constantly wanting to better himself and to become stronger. Additionally, hes quite good at the guitar, and plays to himself when nobody is around to hear.


Kuroda comes across as a stern, unfriendly man. He shy's away from socializing when possible, but that doesn't mean he hates people. In social situations, he's quick to show off his physical prowess, in an attempt to cement himself as the most dominant force in the room. Given his years of professional physical training, and continued home-workout sessions, he is quite the force to be reckoned with! Kuroda doesn't hesitate to take control when a decision must be made, and gets angry if his instructions go ignored. Being so unsocial combined with his readiness to boss people around makes him quite difficult to get along with, but if you can trigger little instincts in his brain, he can become infinitely more tolerable.

If someone both doesn't get too intimidated by him, and is willing to put up with his angry, controlling ways long enough, Kuroda will in fact start enjoying their company. Trust is really hard for him to develop, not to mention his ever-lasting fear of abandonment, so it isnt very easy for this to happen. However, when it does, he can be a surprisingly nice person! Hes one to always offer a shoulder to cry on, and will act without hesitation in someones defense if they cant defend themselves. With Kuroda on your side, you'll always have a second set of eyes watching out for you, perhaps a little too much, as he tends to get a bit overprotective especially of those who're significantly smaller or weaker than him. He seems to have lost someone dear to him in the past, and doesnt want to see that repeated if he can help it. The fact that he keeps so few people close to his heart means that the ones that he does, really mean the whole world to him, so when someone leaves his life for any reason, it often leaves him completely crushed. Luckily, this kind of thing doesn't usually happen, so the Kuroda most friends of him will experience is a loud, cocky, and in-charge one.


Kuroda's physical design is inspired by modern takes of the werewolf, as well as some current rock, and punk bands.


  • Kuroda (黒田) - 'a black rice patty'
    • His last name, inherited from his father, who came from a far away land.
    • His first name is kept a secret, he only identifies with his strong last name.


  • Fur color- Grey, with ridiculously small spots of white, and dark grey in some areas.
  • Body- Muscular and bulky. Very well taken care of, and he's proud of it!
  • Dress - Usually wears revealing muscle shirts, or tight t-shirts, as for pants, it's rare to see him in anything other than black, or dark blue jeans. He also has two piercings on his right ear, he pierced those himself with his claw (ouch)


  • Aoko Sasayaki - Someone he met along the way...?
  • Kazuki Unmei- A close friend he likes to keep an eye on.
  • Okie Sanford- She seems to upset him.

Voicebank Information

Product Information
  Genre: Rock, Metal, Folk  Range: C#2-E6  Tempo: 95-200 BPM
  Input: Kana encoded and Kana aliased  System: Microsoft Windows and Mac
Package details as noted:
  • This voicebank was recorded for the Japanese language.
  • Recorded in 8 pitches, F2, A2, C3, F3, A#3, D4, G4 and C5
  • Includes VC, and CV aliases; meaning the vb can be used as VCV, CVVC, or CV depending on preference.
  • In addition to his 8 core pitches, he comes with F#5 falsetto CVVC add-on.
  • His powerful, masculine voice fits in heavier songs very well.
  • He has a subtle ethnic accent, allowing him to sing folk songs naturally.
  • Clear, high quality recordings.
Voicebank sample
  • KurodaSample170719

Additional information


  • While not in the closet, Kuroda isnt exactly open about the fact he's gay. You'll never find him talking about, or making a big deal about his sexuality.
  • Kuroda is an awful cook. Like awful. Please never eat anything he makes.
  • Kuroda is very keen on the emotions of those around him. He often uses this to his advantage so that he can tease or fluster people he likes, as well as being able to call someone out on a lie almost instantly. In an embrace, he can usually tell how someone is feeling by how tense they are, or their heart.
  • He claims to enjoy the taste of human blood
  • The car he drives is a 2000 BMW 323ci


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