Kurashiku Barée/クラシクバレエ is an androgynous male UTAU voicebank made by paraps 

  • Despite Kurashiku Barée having a set backstory and personality, he does not need to be changed in this way to fit in media he is used in.


  • クラシクバレエ (Kurashiku Barée) - Derived from "クラシック・バレエ", literally means "classical ballet"

Other language translations:

  • Russian: Барэ Курашику


  • koo-rah-shi-koo bah-reh


Barée is very quiet, and after losing his right eye he is even more monotone. He gets teased a lot for his childish voice and height despite his age. Even though ballet takes a toll on feet, he is often seen without shoes/ballet-shoes

  • Character item: a bag of potato chips
  • Likes: Ballet, Scalpels, Cold weather. Baree enjoys to be by himself, he often sits around and does nothing as a hobby. He has a fascination with bugs and keeps lots of species as pets. Loves to take long naps (his record is 72 hours)
  • Dislikes: Hot weather, Conversation. Strangers. He hates not sleeping.


  • Short, and pudgy. Very weak upper body strength but comically strong in his legs. He has one red eye and a scar on his right eye covered by a medical eye-patch. He wears a black leotard with oversized sleeves and a black sock with garters. His right leg is barefoot and covered with bandages.
    • Black, messy hair, red eyes
    • Black clergy one-piece (romper?) with oversized sleeves
    • Bandages on his right leg
    • Medical eye patch covering his right eye
    • Black socks with garter, a cross on the sides of his sock.

Voicebank Distribution


  • range from different pitches.
  • VCV and CV available
  • Glottal stops
  • English L's
  • Trilled R's
  • Vocal fry

Terms of Use

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission


  • Itsuto Okaru - canon boyfriend
  • Hanji Kihara- close friend
  • Max Matsuki - close friend
  • Daichi Akiyama - idol figure
  • Datta Gouman - Manager/Friend
  • Daiki Hadeawa - friend
  • CELINA - close friend

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  • Baree is a transgender homosexual man
  • Baree has braces, he rarely talks however, so many people dont know or havent seen them
  • Baree has an extreme inferiority complex, he's working on getting better
  • Baree rents a very run down apartment in the city. He lives alone and takes care of his pet insects.
  • Baree is almost always broke or low on money.
  • Baree used to be homeless, a close friend helped him get out of that situation
  • Baree suffered amnesia, he does not remember anything before the loss of his eye
  • Baree is pre-T and has no top surgery (he uses a binder everywhere he goes)
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