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Kurai Miku= 倉井ミク=Dark Future

Age: 15

Birrthday(Release Date): July 6, 2010

Model: 096 UTAULOID

Gender: Female

Optimum Range:G3-C#5

Box Art (Official)

Voice Type: High-pitched and sweet (styled slightly after Hatsune Miku)

Weight: 40kg

Height:157.5 cm

Voice & Picture Sources: TwitterYouTube deviantArt

Items: Cats & Fruit

Alias: Yes

Fully oto'd: Yes

Genderbend: No

Likes: Fishnets(clothing), Food, Cats, FRUIT, singing, drawing, desserts

Dislikes: Snotty people, unfriendly people, milk,meat

Personality: Though she is a robot she has very realistic human emotions. She can fall in love or get heartbroken. She hates it when people say she sucks and strives to become better. She is a very clumsy loid that is shy at first and can be very loud. She enjoys cooking with friends and her creator (Karin Sachiku).

Voicebank: Kurai Miku Act1

KuraiMiku096 03:31, April 23, 2011 (UTC)

Karin Sachiku(InuUchiha2009)

All information is direct from the creator (KarinSachiku)

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