Metabo Kumabara (熊腹メタボ) is a currently private UTAU voicebank. He's a morbidly obese and somewhat lazy bear.


Teto Kasane

Metabo and Teto are very good friends and particularly supportive of each other, they always help each other when in need of it.

Uta Utane

Defoko isn't much more than a nuisance to Metabo, he slightly hates it when Defoko's around him, and usually tries to get her off of him.

Momo Momone

Metabo has a crush on Momo, he acts very romantically towards her and doesn't want any other guy near her.

Taya Soune

As a result of catching him flirting with Momo nearby, Metabo has sprouted an intense one-sided rivalry with Taya. Since then, Metabo has always threatened to murder Taya with no mercy whatsoever.

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