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(Japanese: 静音コトリ - しずねことり - Shizune Kotori)
静音 (Shizune; Quiet Sound)
コトリ (Kotori; small bird)
This character is not related to Neku Shizune or to Tuu Shizukane.
MODEL: none (she is half-human half-bird girl)

Ruri Senne (good friend/object of amazement)
Shou Blanc (one-sided love/manipulator)
Wasabi Otsukonomi (old friend/"a wall")
Yukari (friend/"a poor guy who always must be punished for some reason")
Eko Amai (tea-party fellow)
Enpa Teion (fellow)

Alternative Voice (scaring object)
Chanoyu Teapot("sister"/"the one who always makes feel shame")

AGE 18 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Kotori's blog
WEIGHT 99.29 lbs (45 kg) CHARACTER ITEM A bird CREATOR Chansey
BIRTHDAY April 30, 1993 LIKES birds, silence, piano, soft and cute things, cinnamon rolls MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE May 13, 2010 DISLIKES noise, shouting, roughness, violence, onion SIGNATURE SONG None

PERSONALITY: Being serious, polite and graceful, Kotori is extremely timid, absent-minded and nervous. Having tears on her eyes is a normal state for her. She is afraid almost of everything. Despite that, she can overstep her fears to help her friends, whom she values very much (or when Shou needs it). She even can be somehow cruel from time to time. Kotori is smart and pretty well-read, and she is not easy to be fooled, however, she gets manipulated very easily.

Deeply in love with Shou Blanc, but this feeling is absolutely one-sided. She depends on (and is afraid of) Shou very much, so she does everything that her object of love makes her do without any objection. However, she fails a lot because this orders often differ from her attitude.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light brown (with a tint of ginger).
Headgear: The blue bird on her head named Ki; blue ribbon.
Eye color: Green.
Earphones: big white and blue headset (optional)
Dress: white and blue dress with ruche and big white bow, black tights, blue winged shoes.
Nationality/Race: Unknown; far descendant of Firebirds

Additional facts

1) Kotori's story is hidden behind the mystery, but it is known, that she is not a human but a magical creature (a bird), at least partially, and she has never been in human form before turning 17. She can cast transperent wings and fly, using them. Her magic is mainly useless, but sometimes it's really needed (especially for some Shou's plans). Her favorite spells are blue ribbons and rain clouds. She also has a huge feather of Blue Bird of happiness that allows her to use magic in full-power mode.

2)The blue bird on her head, Ki, is a magic bird, a part of Kotori's soul and ego. Ki can be used as a transmitter as well.

3) Her mic, that she can also transform in other things as an umbrella, has a pointed end, which scares others.

4) Folds of her dress are under a spell, so they can serve as an enormous pocket, containing some important things.

5) For some reason she has a psychological barrier that prohibits her to use magic against Shou.

6) Kotori is believed to bring luck to people she likes, but she herself is totally unlucky, so she doubts if she really has this ability.

Voice Configuration

Kotori sings only Japanese now. There's a possibility of English voicebank too. Her voice is both encoded in Hiragana and Romaji.

Her ACT 2 can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?vttg4acae7it272

Her power append (Append Canary) can be downloaded here http://www.mediafire.com/?cu29fxz888tykt3

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