• Kotone Shime's an UTAU based on the concept of an idol and highschooler who's also a magical girl, being created in Spain by virtual youtuber NyokoNoUta. She currently has a VCV Japanese voicebank and a VCCV Spanish private voicebank. She has a young and acute female voice and an exaggerated and colorful character design. Her debut was the 12th of July of 2018. She describes herself as an 'UTAU/magical girl/Flop virtual youtuber'.


Neurotic and way too dramatic and sensitive, Kotone is, in fact, extremely shy, hiding it behind a flamboyant way to act. She's extremely passionate about music and can be quite charming with her closest ones, but having a real bad time when it comes to socializing, specially with other girls. She's also such a nerd, and even thought she tries to hide it, and has an extreme OCD when it comes to cleaning and tidying up. She likes victorian fashion, shiny things, make-up, MMORPGs, string musical instruments, cleaning and tidying, ancient european literature, roses and goth girls.

  • According to the voicebank's ReadMe.

Technical information

  • Languages: Japanese, English and Spanish. The Japanese VCV has extra phonemes to sing in other languages, along with samples with speaking, breathing, moaning...
  • Reclist: SpanishPandaHero
  • Extra sounds ideas: Kitsuyeo, MillyAqualine, Meta
  • Oto.ini: Cherry Miraine.
  • Aliases: hiragana and romaji.
  • Hiragana aliases: Cherry Miraine.

Official artwork

  • Kotone Shime is supossed to have two canonical official designs. The main one is the Magical Girl design, but she also has a Seifuku design.

Released 3D models



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