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Koru Fivet, also called Goshima Koru (五島こる (ごしまこる)), is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Koru is probably non-human. They have the INTP personality. They are an eccentric and dramatic person that hardly ever smiles. They're a villain that wants to rule the world... or at least, that's what they say. They enjoy creating evil plans make the things/people they hate "disappear"... but even if they act like they're right and it's what they want, they feel that someone must stop them so they can't carry out their plans. For that reason, they're constantly looking for a "hero" that could stop them. In other words, someone that could help them (ironic, isn't it?). Sarcasm is their motto, and they really enjoy using it.

Koru is a dreamer and considers themselves a creator. They enjoy doing magic tricks, usually with Haruka and Mx. Balkyoo as their assistants. They are a bit demophobic and kind of misanthropic. Koru has some kind of "joke" with rubber ducks... for that reason, they have a lot of them. A closet... full... of them. And they still think those are not enough. Some Timeloids call them "Dr. Rubber-Duck", "The Ducker", "RD" and similar stuff.

  • Item - Rubber Duck
  • Likes - Stories (especially mysteries), dogs, video games, steampunk and kodona fashion, tea (especially green tea), philosophy, music (especially Jazz), rubber ducks
  • Dislikes - Kori Twelves, people that call them as "Koru Twelves", rain, porn (including hentai, ecchi, hard-yuri and hard-yaoi), closed-minded people, small places with too many people, humans (especially children), socializing with people


  • Goshima (五島) - Concerning the number 5.
  • Koru (こる) - A spiral shape based on a new unfurling silver fern frond; symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace.


  • Hair color - White (DEFAULT), Dark Purple (TOXIC), Orange/Honey (WIND), Dark Red (HARMONIA)
  • Headgear - None
  • Eye color - Tyrian Purple (DEFAULT), Green (TOXIC), Red (WIND), Honey (HARMONIA)
  • Earphones - None
  • Outfit - A dark sweater and a lavender scarf


  • Kori Twelves - Koru has mixed feelings about them. The two share a vessel, Kori is the "past part" and Koru is the "present part".
  • Haruka Eights - Koru created their "human" forms
  • Mx. Balkyoo - Creation
  • Mary - Friend
  • Violet Aura - Friend
  • Naomi Tekioto - Friend
  • ANUBIS - Hates(?)
  • Fukase - Crush
  • Hana Chikako - Idol
  • Bruno - Idol(?)
  • GUAU - Mysterious relationship
  • Riki Sixton - A version of Kori and Koru from another timeline where the two are the same person.

Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
CV Japanese and CV Spanish CV A2~F6 "No longer available." n/a
DEFAULT Multilanguage *TypeC VCV, CVVC D2~E4 "Bipitch voicebank. Contains a masculine, soft and low voice. Use the flag Y0H40B0L4 and the TIPS resampler for optimum performance." n/a
DEFAULT Japanese CVVC D2~G5 "Multipitch voicebank. Contains a masculine, soft and low voice. Use the flag Y0H40B0L4 and the TIPS resampler for optimum performance." n/a
DEFAULT Spanish VCCV D2~G5 "Multipitch voicebank. Contains a masculine, soft and low voice. Use the flag Y0H40B0L4 and the TIPS resampler for optimum performance." n/a
DEFAULT English VCCV ??~?? "Monopitch voicebank. Contains a masculine, soft and low voice. Coming soon." n/a
DEFAULT French CVVC or VCCV ??~?? "Coming soon." n/a
TOXIC Multilanguage *TypeC VCV, CVVC A2~G5 "Tripitch voicebank. Contains a teen, powerful and energetic voice. Use the TIPS resampler for optimum performance." n/a
WIND Multilanguage *TypeC VCV, CVVC C2~A3 "Bipitch voicebank. Contains a teen, soft and whisper voice." n/a
HARMONIA Multilanguage TypeB* VCV, CVVC ??~?? "Multipitch voicebank. Contains a mature and masculine opera voice. Includes falsetto." n/a

Voice details

  • Input - Romaji encoded and kana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Range: D#2~G#5

Voice samples

Additional information

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank, Koru Fivet.

  • You CAN'T edit and/or make a genderbend/fanloid using their voice.
  • You CAN'T claim this/these voicebank/s as yours.
  • You CAN'T use this UTAU for religious hymns.
  • You CAN make drawings and songs (covers and originals) using this character, as long as you credit the creator for the voicebank.
  • Ask the creator before using this character for roleplaying, please.
  • DON'T create +18 stuff of this character, please.
  • You CAN ship this character with the character you want (even if they are male, female, non-binary or they aren't human) as long as it's SFW.
  • If you can't find the answer to your question here, check the FAQ or send the creator an ask on the TIMELOID Tumblr or through their website.
  • Of course, you CAN'T use this character and/or voicebank for illegal purposes.
  • If you want to use this character and/or voicebank for commercial purposes, you MUST ask for the creator's permission first.
  • Click here to view the full terms of use for this UTAU.


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