(Japanese: 五島こる - Goshima Koru)

五島 = Goshima (Concerning the number 05) こる = Koru (The name is a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace.)

GENDER Agender (NonBinary) - (They - He). VOICE RANGE A2~F6 (B3) RELATED CHARACTERS Kori Twelves ("Past" self.)
Hana Chikako (Idol.)
Riki Sixton (Possible outcome if both (Koru and Kori) were one person.)
GUAU (Mysterious relationship)
Haruka Eights and Mx.Balkyoo (Koru created all their physical forms.)
ANUBIS (Hate?)
Mary (Friend and duet partner)
BRUNO (Idol?)
AGE ?? (physically 20) GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Timeloids website
WEIGHT 65 Kg (143lb) CHARACTER ITEM A rubberduck. CREATOR
SPH (SpanishPandaHero) DeviantART
BIRTHDAY February 26th LIKES · Stories (Especially mystery stories), dogs, videogames, steampunk and kodona fashion, tea (Especially green tea), the philosophy, magic tricks, music and rubber ducks. MEDIA LIST You Tube
RELEASE DATE February 26th, 2012 (old voicebank) - Not yet (new voicebanks) DISLIKES Kori Twelves, people that call them as "Koru Twelves" or use female pronouns to them/him, the rain, porn (also hentai, ecchi, hard-yuri and hard-yaoi), closed-minded people, small places where there are too much people and childs. SAMPLE てんしょう しょうてんしょう 【Koru Fivet DEFAULT + TOXIC + WIND】


Koru is an eccentric and dramatic person that usually has a serious face. They're a villain that want to rule the world. Or at least that's what they say. They enjoy creating evil plans for to make "disappear" the things/people they hate... but even if they act as if that's the right thing and that's what they really want, they feel that someone must stop them so they will not carry out their plans. For that reason they're constantly looking for a "hero" that could disrupt their plans, in other words, someone that could help them (such ironic, uh). Sarcasm is their motto, they really enjoy using sarcasm.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: White (DEFAULT), dark purple (TOXIC), dark red (HARMONIA), orange/honey (WIND)
Eye color: Tyrian purple (DEFAULT), Green (TOXIC), Honey (HARMONIA), red (WIND)
Nationality/Race: ?? / ?? Creator??

Voice Configuration

Koru is designed as a multilanguage singer. Their voicebanks are focused on japanese, spanish, latin, french, esperanto and english languages (however they can be used for other languages).


· VCV + CVVC :

Their normal voicebank. This voicebank contains a masculine, soft and low voice. It's dualpitch. (A2 + F3)(Focused on japanese, latin and spanish language, however it contains some english phonemes) Flags: F4C4L40Y0H0B0 Resampler: TIPS Voice Range: -


· Spanish VCCV :

Spanish VCCV version of their normal voicebank. This voicebank contains a masculine, soft and low voice. It's focused on the spanish language, however it can be used for latin and other languages with similar phonetic. It's dualpitch (A2 + F3)



· VCV + CVVC :

Their TOXIC voicebank. This voicebank contains a teen, powerful and energetic voice. It's dualpitch (F3 + C4) (Focused on japanese, latin and spanish language, however it contains some english phonemes) Flags: ?? Resampler: TIPS Voice Range: A2 - D5 (G#3)



· VCV + CVVC :

Their WIND voicebank. This voicebank contains a teen, soft and whisper voice. It's dualpitch.



· CVVC Multilanguage TypeB*

Their HARMONIA voicebank. This voicebank contains a mature and masculine opera voice. It's multipitch-tetrapitch voicebank. (Includes falsetto)

  • B: It contains phonemes for japanese, spanish, esperanto, latin, italian, and some for english. (However you can use it for other languages that use similar phonetic)

Coming soon: English VCCV and French CVVC (or VCCV)

Usage Clause

· You CAN'T edit or/and make a genderbend/fanloid using their voice.
· You CAN'T claim this/these voicebank/s as yours.
· You CAN'T use this Utau for religious hymns.
· You CAN make drawings and songs (covers and originals) using this character, as long as you credit me for the voicebank (SpanishPandaHero)
· Ask me before using this character for roleplaying, please.
· DON'T create +18 stuff of this character, please.
· You CAN ship this character with the character you want (even if they are male, female, non-binary or they aren't human) as long as you don't break the last one rule. (No NSFW stuff) · If you can't find here the answer to your question, check the FAQ or send me an ask there (tumblr, I mean).
· Of course, you CAN'T use this character and voicebank for commercial and illegal purposes. (if you really wanna use the voicebank or/and character for commercial purposes, contact me)

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