Character Design: Nezumi Uchimaki (creator and designer)

Koene Alice S3E

Gender Female Voice Frequent Average ~ People Associated Nezumi Utane S1E (Friend. It's like a little brother) Koene Shichiro S2E (Little brother)
Age 18 Genre Jpop, Jrock and soft ballad Home Page

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Height 179cm Character Items



Nezumi Uchimaki





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Signiture Song Yowamushi Mont Blanc
Code Number S3E Sexuality


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Personality/Background Info: ~

Suplement Infromation

Hair color: Black Eye Color: Has red eyes.

Nationality/Race: Made and designed in Argentina, although living in Japan.

Shoes: Black Boots whit red laces.


Outfit: Unlike other UTAU she does not have a futuristic design or designs similar to other Vocaloid (except maybe of his blouse).

She uses a black blouse with red stripes, a red plaid skirt and black boots with red laces red.

In his wardrobe predominantly colors red and black

Songs covered

「Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa...」[DEMO 1]

「Yowamushi Mont Blanc」

「Cinderella ~Another Story~」 [Duet with his brother.]

「Kocchi Muite Baby」(MMD)

「Romeo and Cinderella (MMD)

「Imitation Black」(MMD)

Voice information

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