Name: Klona Asta

Age: 16 years old

Height: 1,60 m

Weight: 46 Kg

Birthday: January 21th

Hair Color: Sunset orange and blue on the tips

Eyes Color: Sunset yellow

Species: Cloud demon

Family: Sole Asta (sister), Luna Asta (sister) and Ori Asta (Brother)
Klona Full Body

Personality: Klona is very much princess-like if you're talking about her selfishness. This girl can also be a demanding demon, but she will be all tsundere when it come to friends, family or such.

Likes: Imagining the shape of the clouds, being treated like a princess, romatic songs and fairy tales

Dislikes: Being looked down, others getting more attention than her, rude persons (or utaus lol) and a clear sky.

Item: Cloud necklace

Voice Resource: Yayamiho-chan

Recommended Voice Range: D#4 ~ C6

Language: Single (Japanese) and some extras that can be used for other languages, but you'll proably have to edit all the UST, so ye owo just in case I'll add these extra >w>;;

Songs Site:

Voicebank Download (CV):

Flags: g-10B70C40Y0

Covered songs:

- Incomplete Human Being

- Coin Locker Baby

- Mosaic Kakera

- Let Me Be With You

- Facebook Indulgence Girl

- I'm not supposed to do bad things

- Baragoku Otome

Credit yayamiho-chan when using her be it for art or for songs. Do not use for comercial reasons or such, but you're free to do whatever you want with her as long as it doesn't mean anything too bad or such.