(Japanese: 籠のキヨコ - かごのきよこ - Kagone Kiyoko)
籠の (Kagono; caged)
キヨコ (Kiyoko; Pure Child, written in Katakana. In Kanji, this would be 清子)
MODEL: 00Τ (The Greek letter Tau; a symbol of life and resurrection)
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C3-C6 RELATED CHARACTERS Seiichi Kagono (partner and secret love interest)
Maaya Tomine (Kiyoko and Seiichi are her guardian angels)
Masaru Onkyou (friend)
Tenshi Mizune (friend)
AGE Physical age is 15. Real age unknown GENRE Pop and ballades HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT Unknown CHARACTER ITEM Spears and Baskets CREATOR Sacul097 (also known as aninterestinusername on Youtube)
HEIGHT 5'2" (158 cm) VOICE SOURCE Riolulu PICTURE LINK LIST Concept Art deviantART
BIRTHDAY June 24 LIKES Helping others, Hitting Seiichi with her spear, and Seiichi (although she'd never admit it) MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE June 24, 2010
DISLIKES Criticism and violence (unless she's causing the violence) SIGNATURE SONG None as of yet
PERSONALITY: She's really sweet to everyone except Seiichi who she is really mean to (although she does have her sweet moments with him too). However this is because she has a tsundere crush on him and inside she really is sweet. When they first met Kiyoko actually did hate Seiichi but grew to like him after a while. But he just thinks that she puts on a sweet front for other people and that her true personality is mean. So she's sort of deretsundere. Like Seiichi, Kiyoko enjoys helping others but her view of helping is different than his. While Seiichi tries to provide constructive criticism, Kiyoko likes to help by doing things. However, this makes her kind of controlling.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Brown
Headgear: None
Eye color: Turquoise.
Earphones: White headphones with white wings (they are decorative and not used for flying) and a yellow glowing circle on each earpiece that represent halos.
Dress: A white haltertop, shorts, and arm and legwarmers. The legwarmers have the kanji 光 (light) on them glowing yellow. A patterned yellow belt that attaches her to Seiichi. There is a white cloth that hangs from her belt. She also has a gold shoulder pad with a blue gem on it that protects her single wing. Because she and Seiichi only have one wing each, they need to be attached together by their belt to fly.
Nationality/Race: Angel.

Voice Configuration

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Supports Hiragana and romaji through her oto.ini.

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