(Japanese: 囁く音きれい)Sasayakune Kirei


囁く音 (Sasayakune; Whispering Sound)
きれい (Kirei; Clean, Beautiful) - There is no specific meaning.

TYPE: KR-loid
MODEL: KR-01 This tattooed on the back of her neck
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE G4-C4 RELATED CHARACTERS Kine Sasyakune (brother,twin)
Piko Utatane (Idol)
Suika Sukune (Fellow friend and rolemodel)
Miharu Mukone (Good friend)
WEIGHT 108 lbs (49 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Her scythe CREATOR Kaisouroku
HEIGHT 5'2" (157 cm) VOICE SOURCE Kaisouroku ((or kurairin)) PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART
BIRTHDAY December 28, 1995 LIKES Her brother,Popsicles, water, drawing(even though she sucks at it), anime and manga, the sea/ocean, food, her scythe, ice cream, the color teal and white MEDIA LIST none
RELEASE DATE October 11,2010 DISLIKES insects, insults, people ignoring her, annoying people/things, crowdings, pedofiles, mary-sues, math SIGNATURE SONG none yet
PERSONALITY: Kirei is a bubbly and hyper Utauloid. She loves to laugh and make friends. She is very bright at times but acts very dumb because she takes things literally. She loves to cook also. That explains her huge appetite. Kirei is a very masculine heroine and is very strong. She will do anything to help people,even if it means smashing a wall with her own hands.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light turquoise
Headgear: None
Eye color: Right is yellow, left is dark turquoise
Earphones: White with turquoise and teal neon lights. The headset is sometimes hung on the back of neck.
Dress: She has a sailor scout like scarf with a tie, white gloves that has a thick turquoise lining on the end of it. Her shirt has 4 zippers and the center zipper it partially unzipped at the top to reveal a white undershirt. She also has black/grey booty shorts and a turquoise belt/chain cinched around it. Her boots are frankly the same as her gloves and has a plus sign on the top of the boot.
Nationality/Race: Vietnamese-Korean but can speak Japanese as well

Voice Configuration

Kirei's voicebank can be supported by both romaji and hirgana. Download it here

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