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—Kinose Syou, 2021.


Kinose Syou (木ノ瀬ショウ(きのせ しょう)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.

Kinose Syou (or Syou) is a revamped UTAU of Yko's old UTAU Kim Shou. Kim Shou belonged to both Yko and his previous voice provider (Kim Hye Je-un or Jeje), but the latter decided to quit UTAU and gave Shou's rights to Yko in 2014. To keep Shou active, Yko revamped him (changed the design a bit and using his Japanese name as his main name) and found him a new voice provider and left the old Kim Shou's wiki page as it is to respect the previous voice provider's efforts. His new voice provider is Katsu, who isn't very active on social media.


His informations below are incomplete (work in progress).

  • Gender: Male
  • Age by appearance: around 18~20
  • Birth date: TBA
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 57kg

Etymology details

  • Name: Kinose (木ノ瀬) - A random name decided just to match his old name. Syou (ショウ) - No special meaning. The author just likes this name.
  • Other: Shou was changed to Syou just to make it stylish and unique!

Character details


  • Hair style: Slightly curly medium hair with one ahoge; left bang hooked to his ear.
  • Hair color: Contessa/Dusty Rose/Pale Dark Pink #C26A7A
  • Eye color: Yellow with brown-ish purple shade.
  • Outfit: Black high-neck inner; light purple shirt with white collar; black and white jacket with purple and orange accent; blue jeans; white shoes with purple and orange belts.
  • Accessories: 3 red hairpins forming the letter S; black ear cuff (left ear only); black full-fingered half gloves (right hand); orange bracelet and zebra bracelet (left hand).
  • Other: Black compass star tattoo (not permanent) on the back of his left hand.


  • Likes: Cheese sticks, Super Hero/Super Sentai series
  • Dislikes: Hot weather, overly-sweet treats, dark places
  • Interests: Figure collecting, human observation, song writing (secretly)
  • Personality (might change after full release): Syou is a good listener and may look friendly and sociable on the outside, but deep down he doesn't really care about things he is not interested in.


  • Waiko - love interest.
  • Other will be added after his full release.

Voicebank details

Kinose Syou VCV β → https://bowlroll.net/file/253956

Terms of Use

  • R-18 and violent contents are allowed after asking permission but please maintain reasonable limits that do not disturb or harm others.
  • Syou's official partner/couple is Waiko, but it's free to pair him with another character.

Since Syou belongs to Yko, the rest of his terms of use (except above) is same as Waiko and can be seen on Waiko's official site.



  • His favorite artists are: Yorushika, ryo(supercell), Official髭男dism, Eve, Aimyon, and Aimer.
  • More will be added after his full release.