Kibou is a tripitch VCV Japanese bank (monopitch in their V5 as of now.) They have a vocal range of F#3 to B4. Their Japanese voice has a slight English twang, due to their residence in western countries.

VCV Holocene V4

Holocene V5, English and Japanese


Unlike traditional Japanese names, Kibou's is spoken forename first.

希望 (Kibou): Meaning hope.

道 (Michi): Meaning road or path.


Kibou wears a black, thigh length kimono with a crimson obi around the waist. They wear a matching, black reaper hood with a ruby brooch as a fastening. In their older design their feet they wear a pair of red Doc Martins with ankle socks (which aren't usually seen.) Now they wear a pair of oak Okobo sandals with white tabi. Kibou has an affinity for blue underwear.

Unseen due to their long sleeves, Kibou has a deep red and turquoise prosthetic limb that is controlled by their nerve endings on their left.

As an albino, they have lavender blue eyes and satin-blonde hair with pasty white skin and rosy cheeks.


Kibou is usually a joyous individual and enjoys making friends. Typically, they don't usually get angry unless someone provokes them. Thanks to their old age, they have built a high tolerance to humans.

They often refer to themself as a "hag" or "yama-chan", a derivative of the word yamauba, which is an old woman that hides from society in the mountains in Japanese folklore.

History and Backstory

Kibou was born on 24 March 675 AD, in the Asuka period. In the earliest years of their life, they were in a samurai army, usually used as a decoy to distract enemy soldiers; Kibou was incredibly agile and quick.

At the age of 18, their father, Michi Hiroki, was murdered, which left Kibou alone. The rest of their life up until current time was spent jobhopping and being a neet.

In current time, Kibou is a reaper, but a rather lazy one; sometimes they'll even go as far as to lie to their boss about working that day, which of course is a seldom believed statement.


Kibou V5

Kibou's V5 art

Kibou V3

Kibou's V3 CORE append art (28/04/2018)

Kibou V2

Kibou's V3 art (11/04/2018)

Kibou V4

Kibou's V4 art (26/06/2018)

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