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(Japanese: 水音・キァル)
水音 (means 'Sound of Water'; mi-zu-OH-to ki-A-ru)
TYPE: FP - (Frozen Paradigm)

Hiro Shishiza - Friend

Kanarei Sumiya - Friend

Kieran Valeford - Close Friend, Oblivious to


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WEIGHT 102 lbs (46 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Strawberry Milkshakes CREATOR Lunamageice



BIRTHDAY October 14, 1996 LIKES Strawberries, hugging people, talking MEDIA LIST Youtube , SoundCloud
RELEASE DATE October 14, 2012 DISLIKES Bugs, silence SIGNATURE SONG AcidNEL (VCV Core release song)

PERSONALITY: Kiaru is a cheerful, upbeat boy who loves to hug people, regardless of who they are. He'll just randomly come up to you and hug you if you're in his reach. He's quite the airhead, and quite oblivious to almost everything. He often does things without thinking first. Though appearing as a completely normal person, he can be extremely crazy when around friends.

*This information is just a guide to Kiaru. You do not have to be restricted by this.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Pink


Act 1: None. Sometimes a bobbypin or two.
Act 2: Red-rimmed goggles.
VCV: None.

Eye color:Teal

Earphones: None


Act 1: Grey jacket with pink lines on edges. Grey pants and pink belt accessories. Grey shoes with pink bottoms.
Act 2: Long white sleeveless jacket with red highlights on the sides. Two triangle patterns adorn the chest. The neck part of the jacket is also scarlet. Wears two white bracers with a screen on both, and has scarlet-colored shoes. Wears blue jeans and a crimson belt.
VCV: Grey-and-blue hoodie-vest with zippers and an elongated back spilt in two. Neon-blue linings on shoulder and sides. Blue shoulder strap connected to the top of the vest on the right. Skyblue diamond hoodie strings. Double-buckle blue wristband on right wrist. Blue belt on top left arm. Translucent neon-blue diamonds on the tail of the vest. Grey jeans with blue belts; one across hip and two on left thigh. 

Others: Tattoo on lower left section of midriff. Visible in Act 1 and Act 2 outfits.

Nationality/Race: American

Catchphrase: "ね,おにちゃん!!!" (Ne, oni-chan!!!)

Voice Configuration

  • CV:
    • Act 1 CV: Download  - Sample
      • For those with technical issues with the VB above: Download  - Sample
      • Act 1.1 CV: Download - Sample
      • Act 1 banks are all discontinued
    • Act 2 CV Tri-Pitch: Download - Sample
    • Multipitch:
      • GALE: Awaiting release... Sample
        • Powerscale - D3, G3, C4, F4
      • BREEZE: Planned...
        • Standard multipitch
  • CV-VC:
    • CV-VC lite Japanese: Download - Sample
    • ASTER: In progress... Sample
      • Based off of Ritsu EVE and uses the same reclist
      • Tripitched - A2, D3, G3
      • Multilingual
  • VCV:
    • VCVβ: Download - Sample
      • G3 bank of STORM
      • G3 will be rerecorded for STORM bank
    • CORE VCV: Download - Sample
    • Multipitch:
      • ACE: In recording progress... Beta Sample
        • Powerscale - F2, A2, D3, G3, C4, F4, C5
  • Appends:
    • Forte(Shout):
      • CV: Comeplete, but unlikely to be released. At most only released as a side bank with other banks.
      • VCV Lite: Complete. Awaiting release...
        • Supports both VCV and CV
    • Piano(Soft):
    • Forget(Calm/Robotic):
      • CV+VV: Complete, but probably only going to be released as a side bank with other banks.
    • Solar(Sweet):
      • CV+VV: Complete. Awaiting release...
    • Lunar:
      • CV+VV: In progress...
    • Native:
      • CV+VV: Complete, but will be released in a pack with a few other appends.
        • May be completely redone later
      • Native Append has an accent due to the natural tone/voice of the voicer, who is not Japanese.
    • TIPS:
      • CV: Complete. Awaiting release...
      • Originally a crack bank
    • Dawn:
      • CV+VV: Complete. Awaiting release...
    • Dusk:
      • CV+VV: Complete. Awaiting release...
    • Shine:
      • VCV lite: Complete. Awaiting release... Sample
        • Supports CV and VCV
    • Sing:
      • CVVC: In otoing progress...
  • Extends:
    • Chinese:
      • CVVC beta: Sample - Will not be released
      • CVVC v1: Planned...
      • 雨(Soft): In otoing progres...
      • 冷(Strong): In progres...
      • 氷: In progress...
        • Will include 3 pitches (CVVC v1, 雨, 冷)
    • English:
      • CVVC Lite: In progress...
      • VCV Jap Add-On: In progress...
    • Spanish:
      • VCV: In progress...
    • French, Norweigen and Korean are maybes at the moment

Additional Relationships

Sub-Zero - Duet partner

Rye Kuna - Friends

Satake Ayane - Friends

Dachi Sato - Friends

Minori Ichiga - Friends

Yamaguchi Yui - Friends

Keishi Kumone - Fatherly figure who gets picked on by the rest of the family. Said "sempai".

Jakuon Kumone - Motherly figure who cooks food that's basically charcoal

Mura Shibuki - Friends

Rei Yurene - Friends

Ami Taiyo - Mental buddies who frequently talks to inanimate objects and Mr.Knife

jk he has no friends

Additional Information

Many of Kiaru's banks require Japanese locale on the computer to work, due to the fact that most samples are in hiragana. Japanese locale does not change your whole computer to Japanese. Please search up a tutorial as to how to change your locale as it is different on different operating systems!

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