Ken Shippai (県失敗 / けんしっぱい) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.




While Ken has a basic personality given to her by her creator, it is not "canon" information. She may be depicted in any way as long as it follows the UTAU software terms of use.

Ken is mostly a very curious person who tends to not think that much. She is very outgoing and full of life when she is with her close friends. She finds things that aren't usually that funny, pretty funny. At times, she can be very competitive, impulsive, and rude. Besides that, she can't cook and usually falls over flat surfaces. That's basically it.

  • Item - Pepsi (can/bottle/etc.) - inspired by her creator's love for Pepsi
  • Likes - Pepsi, peppermint, going to the theatre, ice-skating, painting, shoes, dresses, going on walks, video games, and iced tea
  • Dislikes - relish, burnt popcorn, rejection, sweating / hotrooms, tyrants, bugs, rodents, and hot beverages


  • Shippai (失敗) - a very common noun in Japan, meaning 'failure, mistake'.
  • Ken (県) - a common male first name in Japan, meaning 'prefecture'. In English, the name means 'born of fire or handsome; healthy and strong'.


  • Hair color - Appears differently in every artwork of her. Her official hair colour is an iris purple; sometimes it is drawn as a deep navy blue colour.
  • Headgear - A traditional mid-height tiara with pearls and crystals. Thin black squared glasses.
  • Eye color - A mix of cobalt blue and yale blue.
  • Outfit - A one-shouldered 'sweetheart' dress that is mid-length with a navy blue base. The dress is covered with faint stars/sparkles to represent a galaxy. Thigh-high silk socks, latent transparency with a light blue trim. Lapis Lazuli coloured court shoes (or just dress shoes with a light heel).


  • Haruka Shippai - Genderbend achieved with g+14 flag. Ken's brother.
  • Ryoma Shippai - Ken's mother.
  • Daisuke Shippai - Ken's father.
  • Odaya Shippai - Ken's sister.
  • Eruko Shippai - Ken's brother.
  • lul Shippai - Ken's family member??
  • Vitavu - boyfriend / love interest
  • Kyo Morioka - boyfriend / love interest
  • Mamo Rue - closest friend / stereotypical 'gay best friend'
  • Liliiflora - close friend (probably smash if she could)
  • Tsubasa Arugo - best friend
  • Makoto Naishi - little brother figure

ALSO: Ken is Polyamorous and is in a three-way relationship with Vitavu and Kyo Morioka.

Definition of Poly: Polyamory is defined as practicing or being open to intimate relationships with more than one person. Dating as a polyamorous person means you're not looking for just one person to share a romantic or sexual connection with.

Product Information


- Recorded with Blue Yeti

- G3, A3, C4, E4, Soft (D4), & Vocal Fry (only on vowels)

- Rendered .frqs

- 7 mora VCV (4 pitches & extras)


- Recorded with Logitech H110

- G3, A3, C4, D4, G4, LOUD (C#5), A3 Soft, Falsetto, & Vocal Fry

- Rendered .frqs

- 7 mora VCV (5 pitches & extras)


- Recorded with Blue Yeti

- A3 (masculine sounding bank)

- Rendered .frqs

- 5 mora VCV


- Recorded with Blue Yeti

- B3 (for both banks)

- Rendered .frqs

- 5 mora VCV & Romaji CV Reclist (both CV and VCV in .zip)


- Recorded with Blue Yeti

- D4

- Rendered .frqs

- Romaji CV Reclist (with vowel VCVs)


- Recorded with Logitech H110

- D4 (monopitch, ripped from CERULEAN)

- Rendered .frqs

- 7 mora VCV


- Recorded with Logitech H110

- F4 (for the most part)

- Rendered .frqs

- Cz VCCV Reclist


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