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  Kein Yoshida

(けいん  吉田)

Type: None

Model: Pld:356

Name Meaning: Kein (Derivative of Kain and Chein (Chain))

      Yoshida (Lucky)

Gender Male Voice Range A#2~D#4 Related Characters

Karasu Yoshida (Brother)

Kamui Yoshida  (Brother)

Mi Minami (Friend)

Age 27 Genre Instrumental, Classical Homepage Main Page
Weight 57 kg (125 lb) Character Item A Wok Creator Oblivion772
Height 178 cm (5'10") Voice Source Oblivion772 Picture Link List None
Birthday September 21st Likes Cooking, sunrises, gardening, ginger (food) Media List Soundcloud
Release Date January 9th, 2016 Dislikes Seeing people in pain, cities Signature Song None

Personality: He has a fairly transparent personality, kind and understanding, willing to help anyone in need. He has a weak sense of duty towards his country, preferring to help the people within it instead. While it may be seen as a good trait of his to be so giving, he often times forgets his own needs and goes through trials in order to spare others.



Version 1: Download here!

Version 2: Included in CVVC


Version 1: Download here!

VOiCE utau cover Kein Yoshida CVVC Release

VOiCE utau cover Kein Yoshida CVVC Release


Version 1: Coming Soon!

English VCCV:

Version 1: Coming Soon!

Songs (Descending by date released):

VOiCE (Release for CVVC)

Kein Official Palette

Electric Angel Ft. Corella

Cantarella Ft. KaiKai Kim

Just be Friends (Release for CV)

Fun Facts:

-Kein was designed months before I even knew about UTAU, his original name was Chein, he had no brothers, much spikier hair, and acted much more like Karasu.

-As an avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening, Kein was a paladin, meant to be a character used purely for support purposes.

-Kein was meant to be the child who stood out, thus his eyes are green and he doesn't share his brothers affinity for magic.

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