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Kedouzen Kaicho \ Nishi

Kedouzen Kaicho \ Nishi

Other namesWindows, Thinkpad,
GenderFemale (Kaicho) Male (Nishi)
Model # Furloid 03 ( As in his installment)
Optimum genreAnything
Optimum Tempo85~175BPM
Optimum RangeF # 3 ~ C # 6
Character Items

Laptop, Windows Logo,


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in progress

Kedouzen Kaicho & Nishi is the third product/installment in Kitsune's UTAU. In the Spring of 2011, they came into play as UTAU. The names for these two are Kedouzen. "Ke" meaning same and Douzen " fur of the" In literal translation their names mean Fur of the same.They are supposed to be released as a dual bank. Containing a Female (Kaicho) and a Male (Nishi) voice bank.


They were both created in the American Lit Honors/A level class. They were to follow Kyoushiro as a dual bank. Being both girl and female voices. To test the varying size of voices samples. Nishi's samples being short and under one second. While Kaicho's samples are two seconds long. During the time of recording they were supposed to resemble each other in sound.

The reason for there "deformed" appearence is because they were supposed to be computers but something went wrong during theri creation. An animal had gotten itself caught in the process. Resulting in the half human half animal look.Thus when they get extremely upset or hurt they turn into the full furry outlook.(as seen in just be friends). They do not know it but their bodies are slowly deteroating.


Eyes: Redish to a slight pink.

Hair: Long black hair

clothing: Usually wears white. Skirt with windows 98 logo on it but top has the windows 7 logo. power/Usb plug hanging from her computer block on her back. Two arm warmers.

tail and ear fur: Cyan blue and black.


Eyes: blue to green

Clothing: Usually wearing black. with light grey bars on arms and across chest. Two smaller one are around his upper legs. A PC slot is attached to his computer block on his back and a power cord hand from it. He has the IBM logo on his upper right side on his shirt. and the colors running down his left leg.


Currently the Kedouzen twins only have one act out.

Kaicho singing PONPONPON

Nishi singing Torikono City

Kedouzen Twin's Sing and dancing to 右肩の蝶


To Be announced.


Both have their own MMD models which are currently not up for download.

Just like Kyoushiro the voice is private download and is under the US Copyright Law.


Has appeared in the Project Synth Second Concert

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