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Kazuki Unmei (運命和希 || うんめい・かずき) is a Spanish Furry UTAU owned by Neku.



Kazuki's first appareance ever was with the demo "From Y to Y"[1] by JimmyThumb-P on October 29th 2011. Kazuki was initially released on November 11th 2011 as a CV voicebank with a single pitch; singing "Magia"[2] by Kalafina. This voicebank is known for its extremely nasal tone and its poor recording quality.


Two years later, Kazuki's first voicebank would be replaced with "ACT2", a CV monopitch voicebank that was intended to be his main voicebank until a VCV voicebank could be recorded. ACT2 got released along with a cover of the song "The Rebel"[3] by supercell.

Kazuki's development stopped for several years; until 2019, when he received a multiexpression CV-VV voicebank and a complete rehaul for his character.


Six years later, both Kazuki's original voicebanks were discontinued and "Pulsar" replaced them. "Pulsar" is the last CV voicebank Kazuki would ever receive.

Its first demo was uploaded to YouTube on June 14th 2019; "Sayonara Tender"[4] by koyori. Pulsar would get released on August 9th of the same year with a 14-minute long "Demo Reel"[5].

Kazuki's still being developed and several VCV voicebanks will be released eventually.


Kazuki's species is hard to describe. He's a meerkat with some canine (his snout and fangs) and rodent (his ears) features.


  • 和希 (Kazuki) - 和 (Kazu) Harmony, 希 (Ki) Hope.
  • 運命 (Unmei) - Destiny
  • Meaning - "A destiny filled with harmony and hope."


  • Kazuki is a quiet, reserved guy who tends to keep to himself. He's quick to anger and isn't afraid to let you know when you've annoyed him. While he might seem pretty combative, he really just wants to keep up a tough appearance. If you can break down his walls, he might.... just might, be nice to you for a few brief moments.


  • Pepperoni & Jalapeno Pizza.
  • YouTube Nail-Art Tutorials.
  • Cuddles & Pats; but he won't ask you for them.
  • Feeling loved.


  • Seafood, specially Fried Calamari.
  • Showing his true feelings.
  • Being lonely or rejection.
  • People with bad fashion sense.


  • Hair Colour - Cobalt Blue with pure black stripes.
  • Fur Colour - Several shades of blue.
  • Eye color - Blue (left), Green (right)
  • Outfit - He has several; but most of the time it consists of a black sleeveless hoodie, a white tank-top with two red stripes on it, black shorts and red sneakers.


  • Ohne Kuno - Close Friends
  • Soon Roko - Close Friends
  • Kuroda - Close Friends
  • Mat - Frenemies
  • Mava - Personal Tailor & Friend
  • Momoiro Tora - Friend

Voicebank Information


Product Information
  Range: G#2~C5  Tempo: 50~170
  Input: Hiragana & Romaji Aliases  Vowels: CV-VV  System: Windows & Mac OS
Package details as noted:

A CV-VV voicebank with four different expressions and a wide voice range; really versatile and user-friendly.

  • Core: C3, D#3, F#3, A3, C4, D#4
  • Falsetto: A4
  • Soft: D#3, F#3, A3
  • Whisper: D3
  • Bass: A2
  • Growl/Shout: F4
  • Extras: End Breaths, End Consonants, Glottal Stops, Breath Files (35), Exhale Files
Downloads as noted:
Voicebank sample
Sample pulsar


Product Information
  Range: C3~D#4  Tempo: 70~200
  Input: Hiragana Aliases  Vowels: VCV  System: Windows & Mac OS
Package details as noted:

A 3-pitch VCV voicebank designed to be light-weight.Easy to use; with a nice voice range.

  • Core: D3, G3, C4
  • Extras: Sustained Vowels, End Breaths, End Consonants, Glottal Stops, Breath Files (45), Exhale Files
Downloads as noted:
Voicebank sample
Sample altair

Terms of Use


  • Do not pitch up, or down his samples to create an alternative character / derivative.
  • Do not claim, or take credit for, any part of this voicebank.
  • Feel free to edit samples for qualities sake, but do not distribute any edits. 
  • Please spread a positive message with this voicebank, nothing hateful, mean, or controversial.


  • Do not edit his design to make him another character.
  • Do not take credit for Kazuki as a character, or coming up with a design.
  • Do not roleplay as Kazuki ever.
  • Feel free to alter his design for certain songs, but do not claim it as official.
  • Please only use Kazuki's voice when portraying his character.
  • When using an official fullbody, please credit the respective artist.


  • Fanart is allowed, and greatly appreciated!
  • R-18 is allowed, but stay clear of harmful, or problematic themes.
  • Ship art is also allowed, but please do not claim any ship as canon unless we talk about it.

Commercial Use

  • Commercial use is allowed, but only with permission first.


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