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Kawa Soramine 

(Japanese: 空見音カワ - そらみねかわ - Soramine Kawa)
空見音 (SoramineThe sound of you who looked at the sky.)
カワ (KawaRiver; can also be interpreted as the reverse of farewell (wakare))
TYPE:  REKISING (Japanese: 歴シーング) – a pun on the Japanese word for history (rekishi) and the Japanese pronunciation of the English words “Let’s Sing!” (retsushin)
MODEL: 19A43
AGE 16 GENRE Pop Music and Anison HOMEPAGE Soramine's Tumblr 

110 lbs

50 kg

CHARACTER ITEM A Black Notebook  CREATOR sorakaraJIN (dA)  (UTube)  (twitter) (pixiv)
BIRTHDAY May 30th, 1927 LIKES

Anime (otaku)

Stalking cute guys (hobby)

Ice Cream (comfort food)

Movies that make her cry (an attempt to recover forgotten memories)

YouTube Videos (they're hilarious)

First Person Shooter Games (to prove that no, not all girls are n00bs)

RELEASE DATE August 15th, 2013 DISLIKES All things mainstream DEBUT SONG

Kagerou Days // カゲロウデイズ


Kagerou Days (カゲロウデイズ)

PERSONALITY: A tsundere; she acts tough and a bit cold to most everyone except for those who know her well. Has been 16 since 1943. In the 21st century, she enjoys following cute guys around town, updating her Tumblr, writing cell phone novels, watching YouTube videos until inhumanly hours, and eating a crapload of ice cream during sad movies. Has a huge crush on Len - but she'll never admit it, because seriously; that's just soooo mainstream.

(Feel free to create your own interpretation of Soramine Kawa.)

Supplemental Information

History: Manages to maintain a bright personality even though having gone through both the Great Depression and World War II. A certain incident in 1943 left Kawa with trauma and memory loss of the entire affair, afterwards resulting with her immortality as a 16 year old and the loss of her old name. 

Birth Sign: Gemini

Chinese Zodiac Birthsign: Rabbit

Chinese Zodiac Element: Fire

Occupation: YouTuber

Hair: Long, curly pink hair, usually let down or done in Victory Rolls.

Eyes: Used to be bright red; now electric blue.

Headset: White aviator headsets.


Voice Configuration

All voicebanks displayed here are active.
All banks support both hiragana and romaji through aliases.

Current Voicebanks

  • Soramine Kawa Act I CV - a basic CV bank. Currently only compatible with Utau-Synth; has yet to be tested on Utau for PC.

Future Voicebanks

  • Soramine Kawa Mandarin Voicebank - to be done in the near future. Will most likely support both pinyin and bopomofo.
  • Soramine Kawa Full CV-VC Stringed Voicebank - will be done soon. 
  • Soramine Kawa English Voicebank - to be done in the near future.



Real Facts as an UTAU creation:

  • Kawa's backstory was created after the creator conducted mass amounts of research in regards to World War II for her documentary submission to National History Day.
  • Her personality is albeit based off the creator's own personality.

Facts As a Character

Just for the sake of roleplaying, fanfictioning, or the like.

  • Plays piano, flute, ukulele, but likes violin music the most.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Is a sucker to chick flicks and shoujo manga.
  • Is an easy person to talk to - if she likes you. If she doesn't like you, you'll be facing the cold shoulder for the rest of eternity.
  • Loves to study academically. Hates sports (well, since she's so bad at them anyways.)
  • Almost never goes outside. (Catchphrase: "The sun! Must get back to the computer!" ..and proceeds to run back inside.)
  • Really wants to go to Asia, but doesn't have enough money to.
  • Loves Medal of Honor. Because Call of Duty is so mainstream.

Usage Clause

General usage permission:

  • Please contact me before role playing as Soramine on any website or account.
  • Any form of official Soramine Kawa artwork and designs may NOT be traced, edited, recolored, or repurposed for any other characters.
  • "Pitchloids", or any sort of sound-edits created from Soramine media outside of using UTAU or similar voice-synth software is strictly forbidden.
  • Taking any form of official Soramine  media (whether it be artwork, voice files, videos, etc.) and tweaking it a bit just to call it "your own" is strictly forbidden. Credit must be provided, whether it be to me (sorakaraJIN) or Soramine Kawa.

Religious and Political Presentation:

  • Soramine's voice bank and/or artwork may not be used for spreading a specific political or religious message. However, choruses and anthems are acceptable, as long as they are not discriminating nor offensive in any way.

Mature and Obscene Presentation:

  • Soramine's voicebank is NOT to be used in songs that describe sexual acts in lewd or graphic detail. (e.g. Wash My Blood, Gomenne Gomenne, Shooting-Star Technica, Gigantic OTN)
  • However, songs that imply sex and sexuality without using such coarse language or visuals are fine. (e.g. The Madness of Duke Venomania, KiLLER LADY, Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl)
  • Soramine Kawa may NOT be drawn or depicted in any way in pornographic/hentai situations, no matter the quality of the drawing.
  • (If you're unsure of sexuality content, please contact sorakaraJIN.)

Feedback Conditions:

  • Feedback is accepted, so that I may improve on both my skills as an Utau-Synth user as well as for future Utauloid projects. You may contact me with any feedback, comments, concerns, or suggestions at sorakaraJIN@gmail.com

Redistribution conditions:

  • Redistribution of any part of Soramine Kawa's utau file is strictly forbidden without direct consent from myself. If you must, please simply link back to this site.


  • I am not responsible with any failure resulting from Soramine Kawa's usage. If something should malfunction and data is lost due to the usage of Soramine, I will apologize in advance.