—- Her favorite quote

Karako "Mizu-Mizu" Kooni (小鬼"ミズ☆ミズ"空子) is a voicebank for the UTAU software.


Karako is a 10-year-old elf who, when sad or angry, turns into a centaur. She loves the ocean, and her favorite activity is sailing. She adores everyone around her, especially Saeko Serinne, whom she considers her mom and wishes to be like her.

Karako is the youngest of all the Kura Inc members. 


Karako has medium length gray hair and red eyes. She wears a small sailor hat on her head which doubles as a speaker. She wears a light pink shirt with a sailing boat decal, a dark pink skirt with suspenders, dark pink socks, and light pink shoes. She also wears a frilly choker with a small bell on it and dark pink gloves.

A notable trait is that she has small fangs and elf ears.

In her centaur form, her hair is longer, almost touching the ground. Her eyes are more narrow. She wears bandages on her chest and the horse part of her is dark brown. Notably, she also has a battleax on her back.

She still has her ears and fangs in this form


Though many of her relations are unknown, it's safe to say that she thinks of Kura INC like a family.

It's safe to say that she is neutral with everyone outside of Kura INC, but this is unknown.

Product Information
  Genre: Almost any  Range: B3~A5  Tempo: N/A
  Input: Kana encoded and Romaji aliased  Vowels: VCV  System: Microsoft Windows and Mac
Package details as noted:
  • Karako's main bank is easy to use due to being clear
  • Unfortunately, she sounds almost identical to another Kura Inc bank, just slightly higher quality
  • She doesn't do well on low notes
  • Karako also doesn't do well on extremely fast songs


  • She is a germaphobe. She can't stand doing anything with her bare hands. Because of this, she was given silk gloves from Nigaine Lemon.
  • Her "centaur" form was inspired by Miko Ooka.
  • The centaur form is mostly a joke, Cherkura considering it an excuse to give her more than one bank.
  • Karako would also be the first character in Kura Inc to inherently have two separate voices by default.
  • She is described as incredibly smart, almost to an uncanny point. However, she is horrible at languages and does tend to get distracted easily.
  • She once told Eimin, who is Saeko's boyfriend, that she was hearing voices in her head. Three doctor visits later and she realized the "voices" in her head were just her thinking.
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