There are several ways to record a bank. The most popular among overseas users tend to be recording in either Audacity or OREMO. Both give you an option to name in either hiragana or romaji.

The choice is up to the voicers on which encoding to use.



  • Easier for non-Japanese users to read.
  • Usable regardless of locale.


  • Adding hiragana aliases is a must, as many USTs are made in hiragana.
  • Romaji VCV has few premade oto.ini's, resulting in users having to create one from scratch.



  • Helps with learning hiragana.
  • Automatically compatible with hiragana usts.
  • VCV oto.ini's can be generated using setparam.


  • Cannot be used by users without Japanese locale.
  • May confuse some users, resulting in mispronunciations.

Other Language Compatiblity

It is not recommended to use kana to express sounds from other languages. If one is planning on making a bank in almost any other language, they are required to use latin characters. Since UTAU can't process file names written in non-kana or non-latin languages (e.g. Korean), people must write their recordlists (or save their files) in latin characters.

It's not a good idea to try and express sounds from another language in kana.