Kamui Yoshida

(カムイ 吉田)

TYPE: None

MODEL: Scr:355

Gender Male Voice Range A#3~G5 Related Characters Karasu Yoshida (Brother)

Kein Yoshida (Brother)

Inkyuloid (Friend)

Age 15 Genre Any Homepage Main page
Weight 38 kg

(83 lb)

Character Item None Creator Oblivion772
Height 142 cm (4'8") Voice Source Oblivion772 Picture Link List https://oblivionutau.weebly.com/kamui-yoshida.html
Birthday October 2nd Likes Pranks, Magic, Puns, Blueberries, Makeup, Hoses, Stuff n' Things (His words) Media List Soundcloud
Release Date November 7th, 2015 Dislikes Being told what to do, Being treated like a child, Toast Signature Song None
PERSONALITY: Kamui is the youngest brother in his family, he's cocky, loud, and come

on a bit strong at times. He is very proud of his abysmal accomplishments, and likes to think of himself as independent even though he lives with his brothers.


CVVC/VCV/CV: Supports CVVC, full VCV, hiragana, and romaji CV. https://www.mediafire.com/download/stax04tbu4j8ucl


CVVC/VCV/CV Creme Append: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5s9zbb2rcxs1t2o/Kamui_Yoshida_Creme.zip


Fun Facts:

Had a pet great dane puppy named Jackie.

Thinks bats are adorable.

Has trouble focusing on what he's doing.

Has broken into song in the middle of class before.

Often has detention.

Never attends it, though. He leaves and gets a friend to hide him.

Tries to do friendly things for his brothers, which always and in disaster.

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