Kaj Llingvam (カイLlingvam) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Born in Shado, shadromancer's city, in family of judge. When he grew up, he found a strange chess board on the attic of his house. This board was an old artifact which could help its owner to move between worlds. Kairel's granddad told him to forget about this board and even don't touch it, but young Kaj even didn't listen him. He decided to start his adventure with main goal to found other things like this board. In his travel he found a man, Alter, who helped him to cross the ban on travelling between parts of Shado. At the next day Kairel discovered that he was fooled by Alter, 'cause it turned out that Alter thought he was a girl. For apologise Alter helped Kairel with his goal, and Kairel discovered that next artifact's owner is Alter. Kairel couldn't return to blue part since he crossed the borderline, so, he stayed at Alter's house and later got a roman with Alter. They turn out to be "in the same boat", and get into dangerous journey. Only Alter could call him "Kairel" due to the fact that Kaj never use this real name. Kaj think that his real name is too feminne for heir of family.


Calm and quiet person, almost kudere.

  • Fav poses - folded in the lock hands (fingers), when he's sitting, often sitting cross-legged. In conversation he never looks at his opponent.
  • Item - 13 recruiting blades, mystic chessboard and small black notebook
  • Likes - blue color, mystical books, instrumental music, being center of attention, physical pain
  • Dislikes - being called a girl, pink color, stupid girls, smoke, menthal pain


  • Llingvam - ...
  • Kaj - ...
  • Kairel - "Kaj on whom I can rely"


  • Hair color - black
  • Headgear - none
  • Eye color - blue
  • Earphones - none


  • Hatori Longshadow - He met him first time near the Hanna's Regret's house. Due to the fact that it happened after than Kairel found his father's chessboard and started small research for similar items, it was easy for Alter to take him into the Red part. After than that was revealed by Kairel's granddad, Alter was punished and became almost Kairel's slave due to judge's of Blue part decision. Nevertheless, Kairel succseed with changing Alter to a softer side, and got a "faithful dog".
  • Avier A - Ellen asked him to watch her ward dreamer, Viktor, for a while. At that time Viktor realized that Kairel is similar to his imagine brother, and finally run away to cemetry, where commited a suicide. Kairel wasn't able to do anything. So, Avier is that one, who appeared after Victor's death and his revival as shadro. Follows Kairel everywhere.
  • Emmanuel Morph - He almost doesn't see her last half of sun cycle, after start her work as secretary of consul of Blue part. He think, that mother able to tell him lot of things, which he doesn't know, but she is lack of time and really tired of her work.
  • Teo Medea - He want to forget story about him, but he can't. Teo was a medic and gave to Kairel a lot of extra materia units to make him more human-like. But Kairel loathe his story due to another reason. When he tried to make his mom happier, Teo suddenly falls in love to her, and than (almost) commited suicide in Shado to fraudulently become a shadromancer and stay there with his mom. However, actually Teo was killed by Kairel in Archon, and it costs a lot of powers to recover him in Shado. Teo doesn't remember about it.
  • Gerda Karoo - Emmanuel wasn't able to stay at home for a long time, and missed his (her) family, so, when he (she) created the warlock doll he (she) used high-pitched son's (Kaj's) voice, which was able to remember her about home.

Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Beta CV Japanese CV E2-B3 "Released on August 03, 2015.
DL in archive with VCV [Core].
no DL
Core Japanese VCV 7mora E2-B3 "Released on February 20, 2016." [MEGA]
Glass Japanese CV E2-B3 "Released on November 15, 2017.
Whisper append.
DL in archive with VCV [Glasier].
no DL
CVC Russian Heiden.BZR's CVC2 E2-B3 "Released on December 07, 2017.
DL in archive with VCV [Core].
no DL
Glasier Japanese VCV 8mora E2-B3 "Converted from CV." [MEGA]

Voice details

  • Input - romaji encoded and romaji+hiragana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows

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Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank, Kaj Llingvam.

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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  • B-day - February 20
  • In the latest update of Fractured hope stories Kaj is a son of shadromancer - Emmanuel Morph (Emmanuel Yamaraja, Morph is fake surname which he (she) use at his (her) work), secretary of the consul of the Blue part - and his (her) ward-dreamer - Frederick Llingvam, who was a common human in his birth-world and died from heart attack, due to which he wasn't able to return into Shado to get an immortal shadromancer's body. Kaj uses father's surname since he recovered memory about him - just with wish to show that he remember his past. His granddad, Willow, doesn't like it, 'cause he tried to hide memories about Frederick for a long time.
  • Kaj has a sister - Ellen. Their relationship is not stable, and they always plays jokes on each other. Also: Ellen always plays nice when someone from elders (granny Solamer or granddad Willow) is in one room with her, and due to it she uses old family surname - Yamaraja.
  • His full name is Kairel, and he doesn't like it, 'cause he think that this name is too feminine for heir of the family, so, he always use short version "Kaj" and rages when someone calls him by full name.
  • Well I said about "heir" in the previous number. Kaj is the heir of Yamaraja family. His family is well-known in Blue part of Shado, 'cause Willow Yamaraja was the judge of Blue part for a long time before his disappearance. The next judge for a short period of time was his son, Emmanuel, but when Hannah's Regret asked him to be a secretary, Emmanuel created fake appearance for himself (changed hair color from black to white and changed clothes) and created new judge of Blue part - Gerda Karoo. The latest judge of Blue part is Gerda Karoo, warlock doll of Kaj's mother, Emmanuel. Emmanuel wasn't able to stay at home for a long time, and missed his (her) family, so, when he (she) created the warlock doll he (she) used high-pitched son's (Kaj's) voice, which was able to remember her about home.
  • Kaj has two chara-items: mystic chessboard and small black notebook. Black notebook is his diary, where he write his worries and dialogs with his warlock doll. Chessboard was made by his father with one of his last wills, and has secret power to create portals to dreamer's world. Hatori has thing, with almost same story - amulet, which contains blood of his father (Evgraph), and that amulet able to control the board powers and also able to put a shadromancer to a dreamer's body, it dreamer is in coma. So, when Kaj tried to find things like his chessboard, he easily trapped into Hatori's lies.
  • Kaj's relationship with Hatori is kinda weird. Sometimes Kaj loathe him, sometimes think that he is his saviour. However, they were joined by the court of Blue part for a sun cycle (till the end of Cobalt sun cycle and beginning Tahitian sun cycle), so, Hatori must follow Kaj as a slave for this period of time. [If they were trolls in Homestuck I will be able to call their relationship "kismesis", eh].


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