Kaikaikai (2)

(Japanese: 健気カイショ - けなげかいしょ - Kenage Kaisho)

健気 (Kenage; Gallant, Heroic, Manly) - Indicates her brave personality and her boyish voice
Her first name, "Kaisho", has no signifigant importance

TYPE: USSloid - (Part of UTAU SoundScape)
MODEL: USS01 - (On her left side)

Mimi Yorune (Friend)
Kazumi Kazune (Friend)
Iris Libra (Friend)
Dorou Zasso (Friend)
Reicheru Hoshikone(Friend)
Fellow USSloids listed in information below

AGE 17 GENRE Rock, Choral; not intended for pop HOMEPAGE shinami's YouTube
WEIGHT 130 lbs (60 kg)



CREATOR shinami



BIRTHDAY April 9 LIKES Hats, mystery novels, mature people, appearing superior, sour foods, tall men MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE, YOUTUBE (Japanese name)
RELEASE DATE April 9, 2011 DISLIKES Being belittled, spicy foods, sappy romances, irritating idiots DEBUT SONG

Paranoid Doll (CV)

Sakurane (VCV)

PERSONALITY: Although she can seem harsh and pessimistic to people unfamiliar with her, Kaisho is just an older teen with an edge of cynicism. She can find the negative aspects of any situation, but understands the values of a good time and determination. Particularly with her friends and "family", Kaisho can be foolishly heroic, risking everything to maintain their safety, even if the predicament is minor. That doesn't stop her from being cruel to those who annoy her, of course. She also has a bad habit of crushing on various male UTAU, though she often leaves her affections unsaid.

Keishou's personality is the same, since he is not a brother or sibling of any kind, but an actual genderbend of Kaisho herself. He can be interpreted as a sibling if the user wishes, however.

(*You aren't constricted by this information. Feel free to interperet Kaisho/Keishou any way you wish and pair her/him with whoever you like as long as you clearly state it's unofficial.)

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light blue
Eye color:Chartreuse (A light yellow-green)
Color Scheme: Blue, light blue, indigo/black, chartreuse

See her concept art or her LipSync model for further details. Underneath she wears a black leotard. Her design, particularly her hat, may change with future updates or appends.

Keishou Kenage wears similar clothes, but in a more masculine style. Shinami will eventually create a concept art for him as well, but until then if someone wishes to draw him they will have to make it up from Kaisho's current outfit. A torso-up picture can be seen here.

Voice Configuration

Kaisho Kenage's most current bank is a VCV+CVβ 0.1 bank (VCV+CV 1.0 will be a new VCV bank recorded with a new microphone), encoded in hiragana with romaji aliases for the CV and available here. Shinami plans, with the final VCV+CV release, for it to be romaji encoded for people without Japanese locale.

Kaisho's old CV Act 1.0 is no longer available. Shinami will have a new romaji encoded CV 2.0 by late December.

A LipSync model (not RipSync compatable) is available here.

All Appends will, in the end, be VCV+CV banks. At first they'll likely be CV banks to test the tone. Two are planned; "dusk", a soft voice, and "DAWN", a rock voice. CV VC English is being considered.

Fellow UTAU SoundScape Members

User Agreement

You are free to cover whatever songs you want with Kaisho and draw Kaisho however you like. Shinami's only restrictions are that you don't break any laws with Kaisho and that, if the material has mature content, that appropriate warnings are applied clearly. Also, whenever using/drawing Kaisho, always label through tags, notes, the title, or in some other clear manner that it is Kaisho Kenage.

Commercial usage is permitted as long as Kaisho Kenage is clearly labeled and one has permission from Shinami.

Common UTAU ettiquete must be applied to Kaisho as well. Do not alter her samples in any way to create a new UTAU, do not claim her voicebank as yours, do not steal her design, roleplay without permission, etc.

The information here is written and confirmed by Kaisho Kenage's creator, Shinami, unless this page is edited without permission, in which Shinami will quickly work to rectify the changes. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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