(Japanese: 砂糖音楓 - さとうねかえで - Satoune Kaede)
砂糖音 (Satoune; Sugar Sound)
楓 (Kaede; Maple)
Put together, it is read to the effect of "Maple Sugar Sound".
TYPE: UTAUloid/Roboloid - Officially a UTAU, used to be Roboloid.
MODEL: R - Stamped on her ponytail holders, R standing for being a Roboloid.
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C3-G#5 @ 80-160 bpm (F4-G5 @ 120-145 bpm recommended) RELATED CHARACTERS Metaru Bara (older sister figure)
Nana Haruka (friend and duet partner)
AGE 3,927 (by physical standards, 8) GENRE Sweet, Cute, Happy HOMEPAGE Creator's Official Youtube
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 4'8" feet (142.24 cm) VOICE SOURCE Spazz Komo PICTURE LINK LIST deviantArt
BIRTHDAY April 7, XXXX LIKES UTAU, technologically advanced things MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE October 10, 2010 DISLIKES Her inventor, spicy foods SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Kaede is a faulty VOCALOID project from the future who was purposely corrupted by her creator for Roboloid purposes. When her mind, however, was corrupted as well, leaving her demented and yandere-like when 'on'. In a fit of rage and spite, she nearly killed her inventor, leaving their relationship sour. Out of hate, the inventor sent her back in time to have her destroyed and used for parts of other VOCALOIDs, putting her in a 'sleep' state where she could process, move, and sing without having realistic emotions or human like characteristics. On the transfer she was physically imapired to where her parts were neither removable or usable, her only usable parts being her left arm. She was then disposed of and later refound.

Character Design

Kaede where's a light blue, turtle-neck leotard. Her left arm is skin of the outer exterior leaving a useless robotic arm that can't move left. Her lower thigh to her knees are black and stocking like with two speakers attached like feet, but she levitates instead. She has two round ponytail holders with signalling antennas on them. Her hair is a brownish purple with blue side bangs.

A proper visual is shown here.

Voice Configuration

ACT 1 information:

Kaede's ACT 1 is more carefully planned than her predecessor, Metaru, 's was. Her oto's are more well tuned, her .frq's are present and fixed.Her voice is fully functional with romaji and hiragana ust's. She is not meant for the simple UTAU user because under any circumstances she MUST HAVE A 'g-10' FLAG USED WITH HER VOICE!

Song Covers

ACT 1 Covers:

Matyroshka (Demo Song) duet w/ Haruka Nana

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