Supplemental Information

Hair Color/Style Orange with darker streaks, a wavy ponytail

Headgear A small top hat with a jack-o-lantern on it

Eye Color Blackish Blue

Headphones None

Outfit An orange and white Lolita dress. Wears black gloves and boots, as well as long orange and black striped socks

Personality KABOCHA can be described as deredere. She's very friendly towards, well, everyone really. She can also be pretty loud. She trust practically anyone, although if you ever break this trust, then she may never forgive you. She's very dreamy, always staring out a window and thinking about things. Sometimes she'll be childish, whining about the littlest things. She's very disorganized, and usually won't be able to find anything she puts up.

KABOCHA has a small pumpkin-person for a pet, named Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin, or, more usually called, Kinni.

Voicebank Configuration



Usage Clause

  • DO NOT redistribute her voicebank WITHOUT author's permission
  • DO NOT make her sing overly hardcore/bad meaning themed songs
  • DO NOT take or steal her voicebank and design


If KABOCHA has any problems, please tell me either on here or on either of the pages I linked!

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