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(Japanese: 十字 - Jūji )

FULL NAME: Jūji ("十字")

ALIAS: Juuji, Juu

NAME INTERPRETATION: "十字" is "cross" in Japanese.




Cross (brother/ genderbend)

Hikari (fellow DOUBLEloid)

Min-Ki (fellow DOUBLEloid)






700 lbs (317.52 kg)


Giant Fork




5'6" (167.64 cm)


Official Art


BIRTHDAY 1 February LIKES colors, food, singing in the rain/shower, dancing MEDIA LIST YouTube Playlist

28 February

DISLIKES gray clothes, muted colors in clothes, messy rooms, anything that triggers her HP SIGNATURE SONG N/A

PERSONALITY: Tends to be chipper and enthusiastic, likes being alone but also likes people enough to hang around them at times. Adores to decorate and paint. Has a HOMICIDE PROTOCOL that makes her unbalanced and violent. Becomes disorderly and gleefully malevolent.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark brown

Earphones: Blue. Two headbands, one on top and one on back. Mic is adjustable. Has a cross motif. Cross and ring glow when singing.

Eye color: Bright green or bright yellow (yellow for HP)

Markings: Eyes have a target symbol in them.

Clothes: Blues. Has a jacket and shirt that go over leggings and a tank top. Jacket and skirt both have green patches that glow when she sings. Wears gloves with loose wristbands over them and boots.

Others: Has a button under her tongue that de/activates her HP. HP everything green turns yellow and everything yellow turns green. Everything else goes monochrome.

Nationality/Race: Android


"Food? What food? Where is it?" | "HAHAHA! RUN, RUN, RUN LITTLE GLITCHES!"
  • Dislikes muted colors when she can control it.
  • Has a very unhealthy obsession with singing in the rain.
  • Admires anyone who can eat more than her.
  • Loves to eat.
  • Made of a heavy alloy that makes her super heavy.
  • To achieve her HP: G-5 (shift up half a bar).
  • To achieve her genderbend Cross: G+25F+7 (F+7 is optional and also, shift down on the piano roll at your discretion).


V1 = released, CV

  • oto is a bit off but useable if you know how to fix it

V2 = in production, 4 banks

  • V2 the standard CV bank
  • VCV
  • VC CV
  • CV VC

APPENDs in production

WHISPER = a soft bank, CV and VCV

  • CV = softlyWHISPER
  • VCV = stageWHISPER

ECHO = a spookier bank?  echo effect on the V2 CV bank

SWEET = a high and soft bank, CV and VCV

  • CV = SWEETsugar
  • VCV = SWEETcandy

SCREAM = a harsh and growling bank, VCV

FORCE = a strong bank, CV and VCV

  • CV = tornadoFORCE
  • VCV = hurricaneFORCE

Other Languages in production

  • English
  • Korean
  • Latin

Usage Clause

Juuji V1 Voicebank is here .

Her V2 voicebank is in the works as are a few appends and a VCV (with appends as well). Because of V1's poor otoing I had her as a WIP but she's... really not.  She just has bad V1 Otoing, easy fixes.

Disclaimer: Please note that not all these songs are created by this UTAU's creator. Anything that it is used in otherwise are not under the creator's control and have no hold on the creator's belief. This UTAU is not the most perfect voicebank, not all things work perfectly for everyone.


Rules of Use

Follow the basic UTAU rules.

  1. This UTAU is free to use so long as the other rules are adhered to.
  2. Please don't use this UTAU for religious or political expression. Carols and hymns are fine but that's it.
  3. In cases of adult material: do not use this UTAU in such a way without correct warnings. It might be smart not to use it with explicit material.
  4. If in need of contact, please contact the sites within the readmore.
  5. Do not redistribute this UTAU voicebank and do not alter it.

More Terms of Use

  1. Please link to me in the event that you use this UTAU or tag it with "hitagashi" so that I can see it because I enjoy knowing what people do with my work. However, if it appears to be in situations disregarding the rules above I will contact you to remove the content.
  2. Please, if you're adding to the personality for an image or such, don't disregard what's already been established.
  3. Juuji's name might MEAN cross but this doesn't mean she's meant for religion. I meant the symbol itself.
  4. Please, please, PLEASE contact the creator with questions (not in reference to the third person chatter here though). If you are unsure if the content is unacceptable, please ask.
  5. If you use this voicebank to sing copyrighted songs, please be careful of posting them. If it's something that might get you into trouble please don't, the creator doesn't want you in trouble for using this UTAU.

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