Jiro Nakane


(Japanese: 仲音・白 - Nakane Jiro)
ALIAS: Nakane Jiro - (White relation sound)
仲根・白 (Nakane Jiro; naka-ne jiro)
TYPE: Prototype - (Hybrid human)
MODEL: 080.107_5001 - (Prototype serial number)

Oto Fujikawa (Best Friend)

Danjikine Opi

(Childhood Friend/Best Friend)

Gumi Megpoid

(Love Interest)

Aino Hate

(Best Friend)

Miyako Kusaragi (Chatting Friend)

Eri Rizumu (Chatting Friend)

Subaru Kyooteru (Chatting Friend)

Hiyama KIyoteru (Teacher)

IA (Soulmate)

AGE 18 GENRE all genres HOMEPAGE His Site
WEIGHT 154,3 lbs (70 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Dartboard, Screw picker (screw fetcher), Keyboard blade CREATOR AditIA
BIRTHDAY June, 23rd LIKES doing experiment, playing sandbox video games MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE June, 23rd 2012 DISLIKES Bully, seniority SIGNATURE SONG Headphone Actor
PERSONALITY: He's a zombie outbreak's victim. Luckily when he's bitten by zombie, the medical squads manage to rescue him by gave him an antivirus. Unfortunately, they injected the 080.107/5001 prototype serum instead of the ordinary antivirus. It turns him into a creature that can turns his arms into a sharp blades (when carrying keyboard he can makes a keyboard blade that not only useful as a weapon & but also useful as a hacking tool) and an ability to move 10x faster than an ordinary human. He is a friendly person & really hates bullying & seniority.

Supplemental Information

Hair color : dirty silver

Eye color : green

Earphones : TBA

Outfit : Silver round glasses, Green jacket with orange hoodie and pink and ocean blue stripes on shoulders, dark grey long sleeves T-Shirt inside his jacket, Dark Blue Jeans, White Converse shoes with black rubber.

Favorite Phrase : "I don't believe in bullying whatever the reason!"

Nationality/Race : Japanese-Indonesian

Voice Configuration

He can sing in Japanese

HE is copyrighted. no stealing his voice or videos saying you made this

Japanese voicebank Download here.

Jiro's Songs

Headphone Actor

Coward Montblanc

Guilty Verse

Derivative Character

Jiro also has several derivative character before his real avatar uploaded.

The very first Jiro's avatar is known as AditLoid, taken from the voice provider's real name "Adit", a realistic old photo with red background. His photo is taken from the creator's deceased grandfather.

Later, Uby alias Joi accidently created another AditLoid derivative character with a silly look brown hair, white shirt and big round glasses when the creator first mentioned the beta appearence of Jiro.

Soon, before uploaded the real avatar of Jiro, the creator created Nachane Jiro that inspired by Hachune Miku. Like Hachune Miku, Nachane Jiro also has a character item, a screw fetcher.

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