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(Japanese: 屋畝ジヘイ- やうね じへい- Yaune Jihei)


屋畝 (Yaune; Night rain sound)

ジヘイ(Jihei; Evil of the times, writen in katakana)




Toriko Yabane(friend-female genderbend)(can be reached with the g-24 flag)

Iede Botsune(friend-younger genderbend)(can be reached with the g-11 flag)

Raiu Tsumene(friend-older genderbend)(can be reached with the g+9 flag)

AGE Unknown (Demons age different from humans. Looks 17 years old.) GENRE Any. HOMEPAGE

YouTube channel (Creator's page)

WEIGHT 126 lbs (57 kg) CHARACTER ITEM AND WEAPON Demon-winged necklace/Twin handguns-daggers CREATOR

GreatSilver57 AKA Navr.

HEIGHT 5'9" feet (175 cm) VOICE SOURCE Navr(Creator)



CONCEPT ART(alternative look)

BIRTHDAY Same as release date LIKES Fish, birds, sleeping and videogames MEDIA LIST



Other songs are in the creator's channel

RELEASE DATE 12th August 2011 DISLIKES People who abuse from others and rains. SIGNATURE SONG None yet
PERSONALITY: (Non-canon)Although Jihei is a demon, he is barely violent unless he sees people in danger, specially if it's a friend who's in danger, or if he gets too pissed off. He loves to fly around in forests and such, because it helps him to think, for fun or just to relax. He can be sensitive, and he's usually bullied by humans since he also doesn't use his demon strenght, nor likes to hurt others; most likely he only attacks those of his race, thinking they want to bring him back to the Netherworld. He's friendly most of the time, since he quite lost his demonic nature. Holic items or such don't affect him too much due to his almost pure heart. It's also rumored he used to be an Overlord, but came to the human world to set himself free of his duties and from the violent enviroment of the Netherworld. It is also told he is the reincarnation of an ancient evil, which might explain he sometimes is a yandere.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black

Headgear: Black hat with a olive green and gray strips

Headphones: Yellow with red, and a bat icon on the center on each side.

Eye color: Blue-green

Dress/Outfit: Grey vest over a blue jumper with the left arm cut, black jeans, and grey, black-striped shoes.

Race: Demon

Voice Configuration

ACT 1: This voicebank is encoded in romaji CV, with hiragana aliases. It also includes the automatic installation feature(drag and drop the non-decompressed voice bank into the UTAU main screen.)

This voicebank was recorded with Audacity.

ACT 2: This is a re-record of Jihei's voicebank, it also includes the same auto-install feature as ACT 1, but it now includes new vocals (including "l" sounds and some consonants), breathing sounds and better voice quality.

Jihei has actually 3 developed genderbends in ACT 2, and are mentioned in the Related Characters section, along with their flags.

NOTE: For better quality, input the Y20H20 flag. Also when using the genderbends.

Currently, either Jihei and his genderbends are being redesigned. Also a possible ACT 3 is under planning. If done, it will be released along with the new designs.

You can download Jihei's ACT 1 and 2 voicebank on the homepage provided in Jihei's creator's YouTube channel.

This article is written and certified true and correct by Jihei's creator, GreatSilver57(Youtube) AKA me, Randomguy=3(Wikia), so it can only be edited by anyone else by asking for permission. . The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.