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Basic Information

Jakku Desusugoi is a upcoming Multilingual Utau by Jakku-D. .Jakku has two voicebanks a spanglish voicebank and a Japanese voicebank, more information can be found on this website[[1]] . Jakku-D has stated that Jakku has no design yet so Jakku-D is holding a contest on Jakku's design, more infomation can be provided on his blog. if you are intrested click on the link above.

Character Design


Hair:Turqoise (covered by black beanie With pin Depicting a blushing black cat with a chesire smile, one or two strands of hair can be seen)

Outfit:Black Jeans,T-Shirt(Design is artist's choice), white nikes



Jakku Desusugoi Spanglish beta voicebank:https://mega.co.nz/#!eRwWDIzD!SKW3piz2ZUXLysYklQBEc3pbqCsUHwangex3-MCG0cY

Jakku Desusugoi Japansese beta voicebank:https://mega.co.nz/#!2NBknLDa!XzQ0PRiubpG24QRCGdPB0S_ebnRD0lcpfWNC5zzSGp4

Extra Character Relations

Takoneko: Pet, Friend,roomate

Makoto Sakamoto:roomate,friend

Keito Yamazaki:roomate,friend


Len kagamine:crush


Kai Kim:Love Rival

Flick:love Rival

Shinta Amaine: hates

Stella Margatroid: roomate, friend

Sally Scarlet: roomate, friend

Strawberry Sweet: Roomate, friend

Axel: Roomate, friend

Lightning: Roomate, friend


demo 1:☀https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9BBZxGtYuY&index=1&list=PLs2MSDw4uXOsFMoqV42hKL-O4CdPkKCKy


He is bisexual.

He is a himidere

he is a yaoi fanboy.

Jakku Desusugoi is a legally changed name.

he is a studing Japanese and loves anything Japan-related.

he has a obession with food.

he loves to sing espically karoke.

has a dream to become a writer, animator, or muscian.

everything except the legally changed name thing are parts of Jakku-D's his creator and voice providers personaltiy.

Usage clause

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