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JadeLoid (ジェードロイド)

Name Interpretation:

ジェード - JeiDo: Jade; The stage name of his voice provider.


ロイド - Roido: Loid; The most widely adopted suffix used to refer to a digital or electronic human voice mimicking synthesizer (as in the musical instrument) which is fed phonetic, pitch, timing, and modulation data by its user in order to produce music or speech oriented audio.




“JadeLoid™ 2” (The first engine was a flop.)

Notice: A new collection of features — including a manual, phoneme based text to speech engine — is now available, featuring several different voice bank variants for JadeLoid that are best used in Audacity or another full featured DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Your results in UTAU may vary, as channeling these addon functions through UTAU is not recommended.

Notice 2: This new collection of styles, officially dubbed "JadeLoid Plus", was originally said to be a full Act 2. We apologize for the confusion, as no fully re recorded update is planned.



Vocal Range:


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Religious, American Pop, Japanese Pop, Korean Pop, Indie Rock, Low Fidelity Electronic, Jazz, Soft Rock, Alternative Metal, Progressive House, Low Fidelity Drum And Bass, Dance, Latin, Indian Classical, Ballad, Country

Examples Of Usage:

JadeLoid For Audacity:

VOCALOID™5 Versus JadeLoid 2

Josh Bess - "Oh So Long" (VOCALOID™5 - Walkthrough) Demo Featuring Chris:

Original Demo

The Making Of The Original Demo

JadeLoid Cover (126BPM) [Original Instrumental] JadeLoid Cover (126BPM)

Original JadeLoid Cover - Higher Quality (120BPM)

JadeLoid For UTAU:

JadeLoid Cover - “ATOLS (Featuring One [CeVIO® Creative Studio™ - Mirai” {From Ashita-Tsukiloid UST}]

JadeLoid: “The Official JadeJohnson Records Fangirl Scream”

JadeLoid: “What Do I Have To Do” Vocal Phrase

JadeLoid: “I’m Not Afraid” Vocal Phrase (Updated)

JadeLoid: “I’m Feeling Brave” Vocal Phrase

JadeLoid: “I’ll Sing For You” Vocal Phrase

JadeLoid: “Do You Know What It Is That You Have Done?  You Have Taught Me To Sing!"

 JadeLoid Talk Demo


146 Pounds (66.2245 Kilograms)


5 Feet And Seven Inches (107.18 Centimeters) Tall

Character Item:

JadeReam™ (Pronounced “JayDream” [With the stress on the “Jay”]) PowerPoint Gaming Console — converted from a Dell Inspiron 3000 laptop with an intel core i5 ProCessor


James Johnson — Stage Named JadeJohnson

Voice Provider:



February Tenth


Singing, dancing, electronics, playing in mud, eating, playing and making video games, making movies, recording and synthesizing audio and text to speech, Android phones, PowerPoint, making new friends, showing off his talents and inventions, helping people out


Swear words and people who use them, when people who treat him badly don’t tell him that they don’t like him to his face, illogical things people say to try and fry his circuits, excessively loud and or sudden noises, constant and or repetitive noises at night or in otherwise quiet places, pure dead silence, being still when fully awake

Release Date:

Saturday, June Thirtieth Of Twenty Eighteen

Supported Languages:

Japanese, (All Dialects Of) American English, (Most Forms Of) Canadian English, British English (With A Little Creative Thinking), Austrailian English (With A Little Creative Thinking), (All Dialects Of) Spanish, Italian, (Non Nasal) Hindi, (Spano Japanese Accented [Non Nasal]) French, (Spano Japanese Accented [Non Nasal]) Portuguese, (Diaphonic) German, (Diaphonic) Finnish, (Diaphonic) Korean, (Diaphonic) Chinese, (Diaphonic) Russian, (Diaphonic [Non nasal {Spano Japanese Accented}]) Romanian


JadeLoid has Autism, which he refers to with a capital “A” because he believes it is a strength of his instead of a weakness.  He believes that what makes someone stand out is actually that which makes them beautiful.  Because he has Autism, he often paces, which he manifests as the workout that keeps him fit.  He can’t sit, stand, or lie still, and despises when people command him to do so.  He is a hundred percent nonvulgar, and he often indirectly chastises those he can hear using words he finds offensive within his one mile hearing radius.  All in all though, when everyone stays on his good side, he is very friendly, outgoing, innovative, and musical, and he’ll stop at nothing to show off his singing voice, music, and inventions to his friends and acquaintances.  He’s also a cyborg, so he loves showing off things he can do with his Windows 10 operating system and vocal chip that standard humans aren’t capable of.

Supplemental Information:

Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:

Right eye; brown


Left eye; baby blue (due to [stabilized] glaucoma)

Natural Open Eye Percentage:

Right eye; 51%

Left eye; 59%

(Both due to ptosis)

Max Forced Open Eye Percentage:

Right eye; 91%

Left eye; 97%

(Both due to ptosis)

Eye Glass Colour:

0, 0, 255; 0000FF; True Blue to wearer


0, 0, 63; 000077; Deep Navy Blue to onlookers

Shirt Colour:

Fresh Pumpkin Orange (long) sleeves and (o neck) collar, and Cinderblock Grey Body, with the words “Tennessee (Fresh Pumpkin Orange) Volumteers (Fresh Asphalt Grey)” printed across the front.

Pant Colour:

Tangerine Orange Men’s Skinny Jeans From Rue21

Sock Colour:

Sometimes plain white, sometimes electric orange with Cinderblock Grey Stripes around the ankles, and sometimes Cinderblock Grey with electric orange stripes around the ankles; but always standard mid calf length cotton stockings.

Shoe Colour:

Black slip ons with no designs on the soles or toes, let alone anywhere; just plain black.

Nationality Slash Race:

Cybernetic African American

Voice Configuration:

He can also be manually manipulated in Audacity with beyond satisfactory results!  His "Oh So Long" demo was produced in this way, and his overall singing voice feels much more natural via this manner.

His VoiceBank is encoded using Roman letters throughout, and supports the stringing together of phonemic tags to create rare and or unique diaphones and triphones; with a small amount of syntactical exceptions due to file names that would have been overwritten and others that are reserved by Windows.  To see how to create the sounds of any and all representative exceptions, please see his “Voices List” (in the “View” menu), which very well may be the most versatile in the history of the UTAU fandom, containing a massive total of three thousand and sixty five possible sound interpretation possibilities and permutations.

Download Link:

You can get JadeLoid here!

And you can now get JadeLoid Plus from this location!



JadeLoid’s Oto.ini file has not been created, and neither shall it be by JadeJohnson.  That being said, users may do so if they desire, but his VoiceBank is plenty versatile enough, to the point where a true UTAU producer should know which sounds to combine to achieve the required results.  For the most natural quality when adding notes though, you should use the flags “F0B0H0Y0g0” in the ProJect Properties, being sure to keep the “g” flag lowercase but the others all uppercase.



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