JESSICA (ジェシカ / じぇしえ) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.




While Jessie has a basic personality given to her by her creator, it is not "canon" information. She may be depicted in any way as long as it follows the UTAU software terms of use.

JESSICA (UTAU name JESSICA, real name Jessie) is an extroverted person who typically is the life of the party. She is very prideful, bubbly, mischievous, and bold. Jessie is cheerful and childlike. She loves being around her friends and apart of social situations.

  • Item - Fox plushie
  • Likes - Pride, macarones, accessories (hairclips, necklaces, etc.), foxes (obviously), rhythm games, and anime
  • Dislikes - Transphobes, peanut butter, spiders, spicy food, and shitty wifi connection


  • Jessica (ジェシカ) - The name Jessica is a Hebrew name that means "God Beholds".


  • Hair color - Dark brown.
  • Headgear - A trans-coloured hair clip.
  • Eye color - Light blue.
  • Outfit - A short black cropped cardigan without sleeves. A long knee-length red dress with transparent silk sleeves. Black thigh-high socks with black dress shoes.


  • Gabe - ?
  • Zoe - ?

Product Information


- Recorded with FIFINE X669

- E4

- Rendered .frqs

- Romaji CV Reclist



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