IYO full.jpg


Hair color: White

Eyes color: Orange and Yellow

Nationality : Thailand

Usage condition

Flags : g+3F0Y0

Recomended flags : g+3F0Y0H15h25


CV JP - DL|MEGA「Hiragana / Romanji」

In this voicebanks have 3 types of voices:

1.Normal - Normally voice

2.Soft - Just like Whisper, add S after words.

3.High - Higher Normal, set pitch of voice is Higher than A3 or add ↑ after words.

VCV JP - DL|MEGA「Hiragana / Romanji」

It's first Voicebanks in VCV

VCV JP2nd - DL|MEGA「Hiragana」

Remake VCV again, Voice is Better than VCV JP

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